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In recent years, business leaders around the world have seen the value in utilizing video content not just for marketing purposes, but for meetings, calls and trainings. As a result, video content has gone from being a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” for companies looking to expand their audience and improve their efficiency.

Now, to make the most of their production efforts, businesses are also transcribing these videos to text. These text versions are helping them make their video content more readily available, accessible and searchable. These transcripts are helping to improve video engagement, as well as boosting these company’s SEO efforts to boot.

Here are answers to some common questions on how and when to consider transcripts for videos and what should be expected of any transcribe video to text software you might be using.

Transcribe Video to Text Table of Contents

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Why Transcribe Video to Text?

Here are some factors to take into account if you’re on the fence about needing to convert your video content into text formats, or whether you should partner with a video transcription provider:

  • Greater Accessibility: Transcribing video to text makes content more accessible to individuals who benefit from receiving information in a readable format. This may be necessary for employees or customers who are Deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those with ADHD or auditory processing disorders, among other things. Making these resources widely available can also help build public confidence in your brand while supporting key accessibility guidelines like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and WCAG. Offering transcripts also helps to make your video content accessible to individuals who are unable to watch with the sound on.
  • Increased Efficiency: Companies that choose to transcribe video to text online through a platform like Verbit are able to quickly scale up their accessibility initiatives without monopolizing their employees or other resources. Platforms like Verbit’s can automatically transcribe video to text and do so in bulk. All text created is reviewed by professional transcribers for proofreading. This two-step process can be completed in as little as four hours, affording businesses more time to devote to the things they do best. Searchable transcripts can also cut down on the need for tedious note-taking in video calls and can make it easier for individuals to sort and organize archives of recorded content.
  • Diversified Audience: There are many reasons why an individual would prefer to engage with written materials rather than audio or video content. Not everyone is an auditory or visual learner, for example, and some simply prefer a multimodal approach to receiving information. Written transcripts are also a valuable resource for individuals whose first language may not be English. Transcribing video to text makes it easier to appeal to these individuals, thus improving the overall reach of the content. Real-time transcription can help businesses build a wider audience not just for their online content, but for their live events, webinars, meetings and more. Further, when made available online, written transcripts can make video content discoverable by search engines and improve SEO rankings.
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Can You Create a Transcript from a Video?

In some industries, it may already be standard practice to transcribe audio to text, such as records from meetings, but it’s just as important and easy to transcribe video to text as well. Similar methods are used for both audio and video transcription, and generating transcripts for multiple types of content can help businesses reach a wider, more diverse audience.

How to Transcribe Video to Text

There are a few different ways to create a transcript from a video. Many popular media hosting platforms offer built-in solutions that will automatically transcribe video to text. However, it’s worth noting that these automatic transcripts typically tend to contain a high number of errors, making them less accessible and useful overall. Going through and fixing these transcript errors can be time-consuming as well.

Some businesses employ professional transcribers to create their transcripts. However, they can then encounter bandwidth issues. Professional transcribers tend to be expensive to hire. Others may choose to use in-house employees to transcribe content for a lower cost, but this process is similarly laborious and often results in a final product that doesn’t deliver on accuracy.

A transcription partner like Verbit, however, can utilize in-house software to transcribe video to text in conjunction with a team of human transcribers. This dual approach ensures a high level of accuracy, as well as faster turnaround times.

How Do I Transcribe Video Recordings to Text?

It’s important for businesses to offer live transcription of events like meetings and webinars to improve engagement in real-time, but the need for transcription doesn’t stop there. Many companies have a hefty archive of pre-recorded video content, and transcribing these videos can significantly maximize their value.

Those looking to transcribe video to text online can certainly do so with their recorded videos. A sophisticated transcribe video to text software allows the user to bulk upload video files that are then converted into readable transcripts. Verbit’s transcription software also allows the user to not just upload their original video file for transcription, but to reupload edited videos at no additional charge, thus allowing the user greater flexibility and support throughout multiple points in the production process.

Can We Convert Video to Text?

Videos can be converted to text via several of the methods covered above. However, when discussing how to convert video to text, it’s also important to consider how to give that generated text the greatest possible use value.

Verbit’s transcription makes it possible to convert video content into searchable transcripts that can appear within media hosting platforms or on independent websites. This searchability allows users to navigate to specific points in the video that correspond to various keywords and effectively turns the video into a readable resource that can be referred back to later. Simply type in the word or phrase you’re looking for, and the program will direct you to the relevant spot in the video.

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Is There Any Software to Transcribe Video to Text?

We’ve covered the basics of how to convert video to text, but what software solutions can you trust to get the job done? You may not realize it, but speech to text technology already plays a major role in many people’s daily lives and can be found in lots of the devices and programs we rely on both at work and at home. Siri and Google Assistant, for example, have taken speech to text technology mainstream. The artificial intelligence that powers these voice assistants can also be used to create written records of live and recorded videos.

Verbit provides industry-leading AI software to transcribe video to text and streamlines the transcription process from end-to-end. It can also integrate seamlessly with platforms like Zoom and Webex to provide a final product more quickly without compromising on accuracy.

Modern Solutions for Modern Businesses

Live and recorded video content are proving themselves to be valuable assets in an increasingly digital world. The right transcription partner can help businesses maximize the return on the time, money and resources they invest in their video content, calls and more. Making the effort to transcribe video to text can not only support a company’s accessibility efforts, but can boost workplace efficiency and cultivate a larger, more diverse professional network.

Verbit offers industry-leading video to text transcription services, as well as tools like closed captioning and audio description to help business leaders make the most of both new and existing video content. A trusted partner like Verbit can support a wide range of accessibility initiatives and help companies make a lasting impact on their community. Get a quote today.