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Verbit Acquires U.S. Captioning Company, the Closed Captioning Provider for National TV Networks

Danielle Chazen
12 May 2022 3min read
12 May 2022 Danielle Chazen
3min read

Today, Verbit is increasing its footprint in the media and entertainment sector by acquiring U.S. Captioning Company. This addition to Verbit’s portfolio will strengthen its position as a global leader in AI-powered solutions built for each industry’s unique needs.  U.S. Captioning is a renowned US-based provider of closed captioning services for national TV stations, networks, producers and programmers. As the…

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Three Myths the Financial Industry Must Dispel

Sarah Roberts
28 Apr 2022
28 Apr 2022 Sarah Roberts

Inclusion is becoming increasingly more important in the financial world due to both legislation and the public’s evolving expectations. Still, there are misconceptions about the need to offer accessibility to consumers and employees in the finance sector. Taking inclusion into consideration is a must for a multitude of reasons. First, failing to meet the needs of people with disabilities, among many…

Speech Dictionary

Speech Dictionary & Related Terms

Danielle Chazen
10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 Danielle Chazen

Helpful speech-focused lingo and terminology to know If the terms AI, ASR and NLP have you frazzled, you’re not alone. More speech-related acronyms and technologies seem to be popping up regularly, and they’re making their way into the daily vernacular.Here’s a helpful cheat sheet of terms for you to reference. Utilize this list to gain a better understanding of common…

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Producing a Finance Podcast that Audiences Want to Hear

Sarah Roberts
7 Apr 2022 7min read
7 Apr 2022 Sarah Roberts
7min read

The popularity of podcasts has ballooned in recent years, with estimates putting the number of US listeners at 144 million by 2025. Top financial firms are taking advantage of the popularity of this medium by creating educational content that connects them with potential customers. Producing a successful finance podcast helps companies market themselves, while also positioning themselves as thought leaders…

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Captioning and Transcription for the Financial Industry

Sarah Roberts
14 Mar 2022 5min read
14 Mar 2022 Sarah Roberts
5min read

In the fast-paced financial world, clear communication of information is critical. It’s important to ensure that the information and messages members of the financial sector share via media outlets and their websites reach broad audiences effectively while accommodating today’s diverse preferences for content consumption.  Verbit crafted its captioning, transcription and translation solutions to meet financial institutions’ unique needs and to…

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Tips for Producing a Successful Earnings Call

Sarah Roberts
28 Feb 2022 4min read
28 Feb 2022 Sarah Roberts
4min read

Earning calls are an opportunity for corporations to project confidence and quell investor concerns. However, the way many companies conduct them often falls flat.Unimpressive earnings calls can have real consequences for organizations’ financial well-being and stock performance. In fact, the Harvard Business Review performed a study that even found that when earnings calls occur in the mid to late afternoon…

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The Rising Influence of ESG Reports on Financial Institutions

Sarah Roberts
22 Feb 2022 6min read
22 Feb 2022 Sarah Roberts
6min read

The financial health of banks, investment firms and nearly every corporation is now linked to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. It’s clear that business ethics and environmental impacts are influencing corporate reputations. Now, many of the world’s top markets have ESG-focused reporting mandates that reflect the public’s concerns.  Additionally, as the public and regulators become increasingly savvy about these…