Every day millions of new video and audio minutes are created. VerbIT’s unique transcription solution uses a combination of AI technologies to achieve accuracy and speed, at a scale large enough to make the world’s audio and video content accessible. Our AI keeps getting better every time we use it, never has a bad day, and is almost as good as a human for any subject or accent.  


A key reason the VerbIT algorithms are accurate beyond anything in the market is continuous learning. We train our algorithm with domain specific data, so that subject-specific terminology no longer poses a challenge and we maintain the highest accuracy levels for absolutely any kind of content.

Beyond transcribing, we use innovative AI applications to determine when human input is required to ensure 100% accuracy. We built a sophisticated platform for distributing large audio files to human transcribers quickly, while maintaining congruence via automation.  

We’re currently making millions of minutes per day accessible, working with the world’s top education, finance and media companies. 



Make the world’s verbal content accessible to everyone

Our core AI technology enables us to significantly reduce costs and at the same time increase accuracy (99%). We are currently using a hybrid solution where our AI technology is supervised and corrected by professional transcribers which enables us to train our models to the highest accuracy standards in each domain whilst being capable of executing at any scale.

Our End to end solution provides our customers with a high value easy to use platform at the quickest turnaround time. One place where the customer can control the collaboration and presentation of voice to text content. The increasing premium offering of the platform is going to create a sustainable lock in whilst adding to the topline of our customers.


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