VerbIT is a premium end to end transcription and caption solution that is customizable and leverages AI to provide a unique experience for each customer.


VerbIT’s applies AI-based Speech recognition to human powered transcription at scale. Our cutting-edge transcription solution enables us to achieve perfect accuracy levels whilst dramatically reducing dependence on human resources. Our AI technology determines when human input is required to ensure 100% accuracy. Our solution combines continuous-learning ASR for long audio files, time stamping, diarization and a user interface to guide human transcribers. The continues-learning feature is key to our success and enables us to leverage our data to train and increase automated accuracy levels per customer segment beyond any competitor.



Is to make the world’s verbal content accessible to everyone with speed and accuracy by applying AI to human powered transcription at scale

Our core AI technology enables us to significantly reduce costs and at the same time increase accuracy (99%). We are currently using a hybrid solution where our AI technology is supervised and corrected by professional transcribers which enables us to train our models to the highest accuracy standards in each domain whilst being capable of executing at any scale.

Our End to end solution provides our customers with a high value easy to use platform at the quickest turnaround time. One place where the customer can control the collaboration and presentation of voice to text content. The increasing premium offering of the platform is going to create a sustainable lock in whilst adding to the topline of our customers.




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