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Top Israeli Startups 2020: Most Promising Logistics and E-Commerce Companies


Calcalist and CTech are highlighting the top Israeli startups that are working to keep the world economy on the rails amid the Covid-19 crisis.

In a world thrown into chaos by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the startups featured in this list are doing their best to keep the world economy on the rails, offering innovation to match the magnitude of the crisis. The logistics and e-commerce companies we selected together with a committee of expert entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors, offer solutions to states, organizations, and individuals who found themsleves scrambling to cope with the realities of widespread closures, crippled services and the need to be apart. Be sure to check out Calcalist’s full list of Israel’s 50 most promising startups of 2020.

Verbit’s mention is below, but the full article with all companies named to the list can be found here.


Product: transcription and captioning tools

Year founded: 2017

Founder: Tom Livne, Eric Shellef, Kobi Ben Tzvi

Number of employees: 102

Funding: $65 million

Investors: Stripes Group, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, Oryzn Capital, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

Israeli startup Verbit Software Ltd. offers transcription services that use artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence to provide a smart and fast solution for professional transcription. Since the coronavirus crisis started, Verbit has been swamped with demand for its services. Verbit, which supplies transcription systems to organizations and universities, now finds itself collaborating with giants like video conference call company Zoom Video Communications Inc. and Harvard University that suddenly require massive transcription services.

Verbit, which uses human translators and transcribers to ensure the quality of its AI tool’s product, employs 15,000 transcribers in over 30 countries. The company is currently overwhelmed by applicants offering their services to the company in the wake of mass layoffs around the world.

Tom Livne. Photo: Shlomi Josef

In January, Verbit completed a $31 million funding round, which gives it a solid foundation for the coming year.

Verbit’s technology is used by more than 150 clients from the fields of academia and law, including Stanford University, the London Business School, and online education company Coursera Inc.


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‘Live Room by Verbit’ Interactive Transcription and Captioning Application Unveiled for Zoom


Verbit, the leading AI-powered transcription platform, today announced the release of Live Room by Verbit, a desktop application for live, interactive transcripts and captions within Zoom. The application supports companies and universities in ensuring their online meetings, courses and events are delivered effectively to both comply with legal requirements and meet the needs of all remote participants.

“Following the massive growth in usage of Zoom for online courses, meetings and virtual events, I am excited to announce the launch of ‘Live Room by Verbit,’ said Tom Livne. “This new tool will help schools, enterprises and others provide equitable opportunities to all individuals participating in remote, online settings.”

Social distancing requirements have driven many individuals to adopt video tools as a core piece of their communication methods in both academic and business settings. Zoom’s daily active user number jumped from 10 million to more than 200 million in three months. Verbit has recognized the importance of powering more accessible, engaging video conferencing with the addition of live captions and interactive transcriptions.

Prior to ‘Live Room by Verbit’ closed captions appeared on screen too quickly and the transcripts provided were not ideal for use. 99% accuracy for ADA guidelines were not being met in real-time. Now, Live Room by Verbit’s captions and transcripts help to increase engagement and information retention for those consuming online meetings by 80%.

Live Room by Verbit provides Zoom users with quick live captions and accurate transcription side by side. Interactive transcripts allow for highlighting and note-taking, options to download the transcript, abilities to delay or speed up the transcript, and direct sharing of notes with peers and clients. The application also offers guaranteed security with SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, VPAT, and HECVAT compliance.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence-based machine learning, Verbit is able to provide these cost-efficient captions and transcripts quickly, while also utilizing certified human professional editors to check the technology for guaranteed accuracy.

To learn more: https://bit.ly/2UnBmMP

About Verbit:
Verbit is a global technology company that harnesses the power of artificial and human intelligence to provide a smart transcription and captioning solution. Built on adaptive algorithms, it is the only technology that generates the most detailed speech-to-text files to provide over 99% accuracy, delivered at record-breaking speed. A robust platform provides customers with full visibility into the files that are being processed in real-time. Verbit’s customized solution helps legal organizations maximize the potential of their audio and video files by making information searchable, accessible and actionable. Our adaptive AI technology is trained to recognize legal terms and includes customizable templates and formatting options. Learn more at https://verbit.ai/.

Media contact:
Michal Roche
Director of Marketing, Verbit

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