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The technology that sets us apart

Verbit’s advanced technology provides users with unmatched advantage and incredible insights.

Captivate™ Gen.V™

Our proprietary automatic speech recognition technology, Captivate™, is trained to meet the personalized needs of each customer. It’s trained with dedicated models designed with customer input for term boosting, proactive research and formatting needs. Captivate is highly-trained on domain specific needs with a dynamic domain dictionary that is continuously updated before and during its use. With Captivate, Verbit’s team can deliver a bespoke automatic solution at scale with any level of customization necessary.

Verbit’s Generative AI technology, Gen.V™, provides helpful insights on customers’ transcripts. Within minutes and the click of a button, Gen.V™ can generate informative summaries of meetings, courses or events. It also offers up quizzes for information recall, chaptering and suggested headlines and keywords. Gen.V’s™ features help to make your transcripts actionable!

By the numbers

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6 Acquisitions
51 Languages supported
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23% Workforce are engineers
3.9M+ Hours transcribed yearly
1 Platform for all of your media accessibility needs

Our growing suite of tools

Offer accessible, compliant meetings and events easily, plus accelerate progress and productivity within your organization

Live-Captioning-Transcription Live captioning & transcription
Captioning Captioning
Transcription Transcription
Audio-Description Audio description
Translation-Subtitles Translation & subtitles

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  • Integrated with Zoom, Teams & more
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Hear from our

Nick Fabiani Vice President, AIGA DC

“Captioning improves events not just for people who need it — it makes everyone’s experiences better.”

Paul Sutherlin Head of Post Production, MAK Pictures

Verbit is half the price and twice the speed of previous vendors… We’ve expanded the number of interviews and other scenes that we transcribe.

Steve Broido Director of Multimedia, The Motley Fool

Sections of [the transcripts] could be pulled out and articles written around topics that popped up. It was really a win-win partnership with Verbit.

Adam Siggers Director of Multimedia & Event Production, Rose Li & Associates

We were looking for something that was more flexible and reliable to be quite honest. That’s how we got connected with Verbit.

Compliance covered

Our experts will help you navigate your industry’s accessibility requirements.