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We’re not another service provider. Verbit is an essential partner. Our team is in constant contact with our customers to help them make their content and experiences accessible and meet compliance needs.

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Hear from our customers

Companies of all sizes, universities, media entities, legal firms and government agencies look to Verbit as a trusted resource. Discover how and why they choose to work with us.

“I looked into different captioning services, and Verbit ticked all the boxes. They’re super responsive and just absolutely wonderful to work with.”

Becky Borello

Office of Instructional Technology and Teaching Development

“Verbit wants us to get the most out of the service. We have a dedicated account manager that is second to none, and they’ve been incredibly helpful.”

Greg Schneider

Executive Vice President

“Verbit understood the need for accuracy and the historical significance of this work early on in the project.”

Maria Kaffa

Assistant Educational Technologist

“Larger companies look at their clients as commodities, and Verbit really looked at us as humans and as people that were really trying to solve business problems.”

Jim Calcaterra

Operations Manager

“It was a question of how do we provide best-in-class accessibility services? [Verbit’s solution] really helped to make all of our programming accessible as possible.”

Steve Broido

Director of Multimedia

“I leaned on Verbit support quite a bit, and that’s been very helpful and useful. The chat feature is very responsive and has been able to resolve any issue I’ve had.”

Maria Kaffa

Assistant Educational Technologist

“In one specific instance [Verbit’s captioning] was the determination of whether a family could share their story.”

Terrence Calhoun

Brand Chief

“I have an email that I copy and paste, because people ask me [about our live captions] all the time. So I just say, ‘Here’s Verbit.’ I have been giving out rave reviews.”

Lyanne Gutierrez

Assistant Director and Legal Counsel

“With Verbit, the product is so user-friendly for students. Every type of student, regardless of their disability, I’ve been able to get up and running in 15 minutes.”

Jenny Crow

Digital Education Team Manager

“You really unlocked this new learning area for our students so that we can just be a more inclusive and accessible platform.”

“We both use [Verbit] and fully believe it’s an amazing service. We live and die Verbit. It’s super important to us in terms of captions.”

“Verbit’s captioning solution ensures that all learners at SLCC are able to fully engage with course content and achieve the best results.”

“The turnaround time, the accuracy, the editing time – all of those things are truly best-in-class.”

“Verbit worked really hard to set Alamo up with a contract that would work for our needs. It’s just been really easy.”

“We chose Verbit because of the superior accuracy, turnaround time and cost they offered. It’s been a definite game-changer for us.”

“With our previous provider, I had to spend between 2-5 hours a week managing… I had to identify any quality issues myself. [With Verbit] that’s gone from 2-5 hours a week to 5 minutes.”

“Verbit’s one of those platforms, because it does what it does so well, it just sells itself around school. Everyone likes to use it because it’s so quick.”

“Verbit allows us to quickly and easily caption videos across a variety of platforms.”

“We came across Verbit right from the start. Straight away, it was clearly the best product, most reliable, most accurate. It’s become ingrained in the Union.”

“Our Jony Ive talk was attended by 88 different countries, and so [Verbit]’s captions makes that a lot more accessible to them, especially where English is a second language.”

“We can do live captions all day long, and these are perfect live captions, but the fact that you understand that you are speaking to students, that is the piece that sets Verbit apart from the others.”

“A 20-minute video may have taken us three or four hours to edit an automatic transcript, so Verbit’s a real time saver for us.”

“We were able to come up with a contract. That process went really quickly. Then within that next week, I was meeting with [Verbit] and we were getting everything in place for live captioning.”

“Verbit’s been fantastic because there’s no inconsistencies. People know that they’re going to get this service and the support.”

“The Verbit team made the process easy, and the tech works great. Verbit is an invaluable tool for us in the age of virtual meetings.”

“We were really looking to find that optimum trifecta of speed, accuracy, and cost. Verbit delivered on all three!”

“Verbit is half the price and twice the speed of previous vendors we’ve worked with in the past.”

“Verbit makes life easier in ways that you would not expect often. There’s nothing that I’ve asked for of Verbit that they’ve not been able to offer.”

“It was so convenient that we could set up captioning for our conference [with 350 scientists] on short notice and with very little effort. Thank you Verbit for helping us make our community more accessible and inclusive.”

“Verbit did the post-captioning, our logo, and offered more things. It was a genuine above and beyond more than necessary sort of thing for a company to do.”

“By having Verbit do the transcription, we’re saving 2-3 days worth of work per person.”

“Verbit was willing to address our business needs with a per-program customized solution, which has saved us a tremendous amount of time.”

“Verbit’s solution is faster and just as accurate as our in-house transcription department. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in reduced workforce costs.”

“Verbit has created a seamless process to request captioning, send our videos and receive them back. Captions are always delivered appropriately and in a timely fashion.”

“Working with [Verbit] has been a very positive experience. The scope of their services has allowed us to enhance accessibility to our students by virtue of remote course delivery.”

“That’s why we like to use Verbit, to ensure that names and other important words are spelled correctly.”

“We really needed live captioning for our graduation ceremonies and because of our previous relationship with Verbit, we knew that it could be done.”

“Verbit certainly helped with our Deaf and hard of hearing population. The captions are wonderful for all students.”

“Verbit seems to feel more like a partner than like a vendor. We have shared values and principles.”

“High quality service is part of the foundation of student success.”

“Verbit brings people together and I can’t stress that enough.”

“What I like about Verbit is how it’s really easy to just hop onto the website and make a request.”

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