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Customer experience is Verbit’s top priority. We put our customers first by focusing on comprehensive onboarding, constant guidance and dedicated 24/7 support.

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Customer Testimonials

“Larger companies look at their clients as commodities, and Verbit really looked at us as humans and as people that were really trying to solve business problems. Verbit has been highly available, accommodating and accessible to us in terms of solving business problems.”

Steve Broido, Director of Multimedia, The Motley Fool

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“I found myself stressed a number of times trying to find captioners for meetings that were happening and to be able to have this type of platform where we’re not reliant on a person to do this. That’s huge and it allows us to focus our time and attention on other matters. [Verbit’s] a great resource.”

Terrence Calhoun, Brand Chief, Rose Li & Associates Conference Services

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Captioning is “a statement of values and commitment around equity… In one specific instance [Verbit’s captioning] was the determination of whether a family could share their story.”

Lynanne Gutierrez, Assistant Director and Legal Counsel, Groundwork Ohio

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“We both use [Verbit] and fully believe it’s an amazing service… The services that Verbit are offering have so many different wide use cases, but actually some are game-changing. We live and die Verbit. It’s super important to us in terms of captions.”

Charlotte Copeman, Director, Tech, Kaltura

“Verbit’s solution takes me about 1/10th to 1/20th of the time as the other captioning products that we used… Every type of student, regardless of their disability, I’ve been able to get up and running in 15 minutes.”

Suzanne Delahanty, M.Ed; M.Psy, Alternative Media & Assistive Technology Specialist, Crafton Hills College

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“We were originally using a service that provided transcriptions and captions with a week-long turnaround, but we were finding ourselves needing to be timelier. We also needed a way to incorporate captioning into Zoom meetings and livestreams. Verbit was the answer to all these needs. Verbit’s platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.”

Latoya Clark-Horne, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Hinds Community College

“From a Disability Services standpoint, Verbit does a great job in ensuring that our student’s needs who have been granted accommodations have been met appropriately. Verbit has created a seamless process to request captioning, send our videos and receive them back. Captions are always delivered appropriately and in a timely fashion.”

Jacque Knedler, Associate Director, Disability Services, Creighton University

“Verbit continues to bridge the accessibility gap within higher education and demonstrates a pivotal commitment to providing equal access to our students, staff and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh. From day one of meeting our customer success manager, Dr. Misty Cobb, she has gone above and beyond with exceptional services!”

Chad Jurica, Ed.D., Disability Specialist, University of Pittsburgh

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“The Verbit team made the process easy, and the tech works great. The onboarding process and support is top-notch. Verbit is an invaluable tool for us in the age of virtual meetings.”

Brian Gawor, Vice President, Research, Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL)

“A lot of assistive technology companies, they speak to the disability. Verbit speaks to the human that has the disability. That’s different. We can do live captions all day long, and these are perfect live captions, but the fact that you understand that you are speaking to students… that is the piece that sets Verbit apart from the others.”

Kate Moss, Director, Digital Accessibility, Davidson-Davie Community College

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“With Verbit, there’s a lot of bells and whistles. Those bells and whistles do cool things, so ask for a demo. It makes life easier in ways that you would not expect often… There’s nothing that I’ve asked for of Verbit that they’ve not been able to offer.”

A. Rey Villanueva, M.A., Teaching and Learning Consultant, Teaching and Learning Services, University of Texas at San Antonio

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“COVID provided the launch pad, but the technologies in Australia are still being fine tuned. There’s a couple of players out there that are good, but do not have the speed and the turnaround time, and the cost – a big factor for the institution. Verbit works really well for higher education.”

Genevieve Smith, Manager AccessAbility Services, Swinburne University of Technology

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“When we first joined with Verbit, we had a large number of events that we’d planned. They helped us to rapidly set those up because from signing a contract to things actually going live, I think was like a week. It was really short notice. The guys I worked with there, they were fabulous.”

Juli MacArthur, Learning Technologist, Royal College of Art

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“It’s great that Verbit does it in UK English because I think sometimes that’s a challenge with some of the automatic transcriptions, is they’re provided in American English, and being a UK University, UK English is really important to us.”

Jenny Crow, Digital Education Team Manager, University of Glasgow

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“Students who have traditionally used one type of communication access method and then they switch over to something else, and it’s like, ‘Wow, I had no idea I was missing this much…I can follow along so much better, or I can participate more’…That’s what I tend to see with transcribing and then by extension, [Verbit’s] live captioning.”

Barbara Forrest-Ball, Manager, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services, Oregon State University

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“It’s important to find a provider you can trust because providing accessibility is extremely important. We had a call with Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, and over 3,500 teachers, lecturers and support staff that had the Verbit software on it.”

Mike Joslin, Lead Marketing Officer, National Education Union

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“I truly believe we have the best-in-class transcription experience right now when I look across the board to all of our competitors. It’s clean. It’s visually user-friendly. It’s responsive, having the ability to search for content within a video or click to the place. It just works really well.”

Susan Threadgill, Product Lead, Skillshare

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“I found Verbit, and it just seemed such a good fit because I was literally just about to send 40 videos manually to somebody to download, and watch, and transcribe, and the process just felt so painful. Verbit was just a simple win.”

Sushil Pallen, Learning Innovation Manager, London Business School

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“With our previous provider, I had to spend between 2-5 hours a week managing… I had to identify any quality issues myself. [With Verbit] that’s gone from 2-5 hours a week to 5 minutes. It’s made a massive difference.”

Technical Support Lead, Enterprise Client

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“Verbit brings people together, and I can’t stress that enough. It just brings departments together. It brings faculty together. It brings faculty and students together. It’s just been a great experience.”

Hillary Holland, LPC, Disability Counselor & ADA Coordinator, Virginia Western Community College

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“I have an email that I copy and paste because people ask me [about the live captions] all the time. So I just say: Here’s Verbit… I have been giving out rave reviews.”

Kate Ledger, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Marketing, University of Pittsburgh

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“We’ve had a contract for transcription work with the City of Chicago for nearly two years, and Verbit’s been helping us with that. It’s been a really smooth process. The transcriptions come back very clean.”

Chicago-based digital court reporting firm, Vice President & Videographer

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“We chose Verbit because of the superior accuracy, turnaround time and cost they offered. It’s been a definite game-changer for us.”

George H. Michaels, Executive Director, Instructional Development & Interim Assistant Dean, Letters & Science IT, UCSB

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“Alamo is committed to access. The students have really relied on [Verbit’s] transcription and the captions if they miss the interpreter. They can then catch what’s happening. Hard of hearing students without ASL can follow along and participate. Transcripts are great for saving for later for notes and study materials.”

Jo Hilton, Interpreting Services Manager, Alamo Colleges District

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“We were really looking to find that optimum trifecta of speed, accuracy, and cost. Verbit delivered on all three! All around, it’s been a huge success for us.”

Jason O’Mahony, Video Producer, Udacity

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“Verbit is half the price and twice the speed of previous vendors we’ve worked with. We’ve expanded the number of interviews and other scenes that we transcribe, which is something we weren’t able to do with other providers.”

Paul Sutherlin, Head Of Post Production, MAK Pictures

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“The turnaround time, the accuracy, the editing time – all of those things are truly best-in-class.”

Valerie Sturm, Coordinator of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Brigham Young University, Idaho

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“We consider video captions to be an essential part of an inclusive classroom experience. Verbit allows us to quickly and easily caption videos across a variety of platforms.”

Christopher Phillips, Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Coordinator, Utah State University

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“Captioning is an integral aspect of making sure our courses meet the highest standards. Verbit’s captioning solution ensures that all learners at SLCC are able to fully engage with course content and achieve the best results.”

Chris Luker, Media Manager, SLCC Online & eLearning Services

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“It was so convenient that we could set up captioning for our conference [with 350 scientists who are Rosetta Commons leaders] on short notice and with very little effort. Thank you Verbit for helping us make our community more accessible and inclusive.”

Jeffrey J. Gray, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

“We aim to provide access to high quality online education to all student, regardless of disablity. Making sure all audiovisual content has an accessible alternative is a big part of that, and Verbit is helping us achive this goal.”

Joe Hemmerling, Director of Instructional Design, Keypath Education

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“We can’t just talk about UDL, we need to practice it in all we do. I am a social learning theorist. People learn by watching rather than being told [so we’re] practicing what we preach. Close captioning supports retention of content.”

Eric Moore, PhD, UDL Specialist, UDLHE

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“Verbit’s solution is faster and just as accurate as our in-house transcription department. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in reduced workforce costs.”

Jeff Handy, Product Owner, Agile Project Management, Bisk

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