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Davidson-Davie Community College

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In a Nutshell In a Nutshell

Davidson-Davie Community College’s Digital Accessibility Services team takes the needs of students seriously, many of whom are navigating multiple disabilities, including learning disabilities and ADHD. The college is partnering with Verbit to ensure online learning environments are accessible to them with live captions. Students will also be delivered note taking via Verbit’s accurate transcripts when they return in-person this fall

Kate Moss Director, Digital Accessibility, Davidson-Davie Community College

"A lot of assistive technology companies, they speak to the disability. Verbit speaks to the human that has the disability. That’s different. We can do live captions all day long, and these are perfect live captions, but the fact that you understand that you are speaking to students… that is the piece that sets Verbit apart from the others.”

The Challenge The Challenges

“I got a student that needs it right now, not tomorrow,” Kate Moss said. Sound familiar? Moss said she needed a partner who could deliver on student accessibility needs quickly. Additionally, “as a community college, we really like to stretch our technology.” Verbit was able to rise to the challenge, ensuring note taking, live captions are other needs were provided to students as quickly as the accessibility team uncovered what each needed from individual calls to students.

The Solution The Solution

Verbit’s team provides the constant support, data and features that Davidson-Davie’s students need. “They were very plugged into the higher-ed process… Verbit having all that data available and having all the features [so] I’ve got something that could do three or four things, that’s really helpful in the purchase process because then it further shows how much we can use it. It was a really done and done sale. Nobody wanted to sleep on it.”

Verbit offers:

  • A student-first platform delivering on remote & in-person captioning and note taking needs
  • Captioning in multiple languages for foreign language courses and non-native speakers
  • Full support with access to education and accessibility experts around the clock

The Results (1) The Results

Davidson-Davie’s team relies on Verbit to power the live captioning and post-class note taking needs of its students seamlessly. As learners return to campus this fall, the team will enlist Verbit’s transcriptions and reminders to students to ensure learners receive the note taking services they need to succeed.

Full and ongoing customer support

“The customer service is amazing. It is everything. It matters to have someone that checks up on you [and asks] what are your needs? Whether it’s related to Verbit or not to see if there’s solution that Verbit can provide. I think that’s amazing.”

A student-first platform makes a difference

“[Sending] emails to students to remind them that their class is coming up – that’s extra. You guys don’t have to do that. The ability to send that student the transcript directly, that’s good. It matters. The quality of the captions, it matters. It’s those little details that I feel like are what sets Verbit apart.”

Transcripts for students with learning disabilities

“I have a lot of students who need that help with taking notes because of a learning disability… I’m finding that we will have less virtual classes in the fall, but I still wanted the Verbit contract because I feel I can still utilize it even though we won’t have the virtual. That note-taking aspect I think is going to be bigger for me this year.”

Multi-language captioning capabilities

“In my mind [what’s] really sticking out right now for Verbit has to be the multi-language capacity. We had some students who needed live captioning in a foreign language course, I do believe it was Spanish at the time, and Verbit was from my research, the only vendor doing that at the time. That was really instrumental for us.”

Demetria Nickens Coordinator, Disability Access Services, Davidson-Davie Community College

"In March, we had to go virtual. That was really big in that transition - figuring out what students need what and aggregating that data. My background is in disability, so I already knew what I was doing, but I was new to higher education. It was a very interesting time to learn it all in a virtual environment, but it worked out just because I have partners like Verbit.”