Legal Transcription Built for Scale

Verbit’s legal transcription solutions were designed by legal experts who understand the reliability, accuracy and customization that the industry requires. Our solutions meet a wide variety of needs, including transcribing legal proceedings like depositions, hearings and examinations, as well as digital evidence like dash cams, 911 calls and interviews.

Legal Transcription Services

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Trusted Solutions for Every Use Case

Receive high-quality, accurate final transcripts with cover pages, end pages and formatting that meet your specifications. They’re ready in 5-8 business days, with options to expedite.

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Custom Solutions

Prefer a particular file type? Need a custom template or rapid turnaround on a large order? No problem. Verbit works with you to develop a personalized solution. Take advantage of our customization options on any legal transcript.

Tailored to Your Legal Industry

Legal Tech & Rigorously Trained Transcribers

Our specialized ASR boosts the efficiency of the transcription process. Accuracy is delivered by Verbit’s legal transcribers who undergo rigorous in-house training. Our grading algorithms mimic national grading standards. Transcribers must achieve the highest professional levels of accuracy to pass. Certified court reporters and certified electronic reporters perform quality control.

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Reliable Delivery

No matter the size of the project, Verbit offers fast, fixed and reliable turnaround times. Plus, you can expedite transcripts whenever needed.

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Gen AI applications that enhance transcript use

Our generative AI tool, Gen.V, is revolutionizing legal transcription for professionals. With Gen.V you can easily generate helpful transcript insights such as summaries, chaptering, keywords and titles.

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Outstanding 24/7 Support

Verbit’s team of legal transcription experts is ready to support you at any time, any day.

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Legal Transcription FAQs

Can Verbit produce transcripts from audio featuring different accents, dialects and ‘quick talkers’?

Yes. Verbit trains its AI using more challenging audio files so that it works in the real world where recordings aren’t always optimal. Although clear, high-quality audio files work best, we can produce strong results even if there are audio-related difficulties, accents or unique terminology. In addition, Verbit’s human transcribers provide an extra layer of transcript proofreading and support so that your transcripts meet the requirements of the demanding legal industry.

Can digital court reporters be certified?

Yes, a digital court reporter or certified electronic reporter (CER) has a certification through the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).

Can legal transcribers be certified?

Yes, it’s possible to become a certified electronic transcriber through the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT).

How long does the deposition transcription process take?

Verbit can work on various deadlines depending on the needs of the customer. Reach out to our team for more details and to learn about our options for expediting your order.

How is the final transcript formatted?

Verbit formats transcripts based on state and local rules and regulations and can customize according to specific customer needs.


We customize our solutions for each project to provide the most efficient offer. Tell us more about your organization’s needs to get started.

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