Legal Transcription Services

Verbit offers legal transcription services on par with stenographer standards. Verbit delivers on the needs for accurate recorded courtroom transcription and real-time drafts during remote, digital proceedings.

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Legal Transcription Services
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    Accurate transcripts with customized formatting options

    Verbit’s AI technology is fact checked by professional transcribers to ensure speaker identification, terminology and word-for-word accurate transcripts are generated every time. Verbit’s transcripts reach leading industry accuracy levels and deliver on customized formatting.

    Accurate legal transcripts with customized formatting options

    Real-time rough drafts

    Verbit is the only provider of live and remote deposition services. Verbit provides users with real-time rough drafts during proceedings and 24-hour turnaround on final, admissible transcripts.

    Real-time rough drafts

    Eliminating work backlogs

    Verbit’s tools account for personnel shortages and allow court reporters and agencies to always have the coverage they need to deliver on transcription work quickly and seamlessly in both in-person and remote, live scenarios.

    Efficient legal transcription

    Tailor Made for the Legal Industry

    Reduce backlogs and increase your margins with the only real-time transcription solution for live depositions and remote proceedings, delivering rough drafts in 1hr and final, proofed transcripts in 24hrs.

    Benefit from real-time and recorded coverage for depositions and legal proceedings, options for playback, readback, comments, text search and in-audio search capabilities. Utilize multiple formatting, customization and export options.

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    Do Verbit’s Live Deposition legal transcription services work when presented with audio featuring different accents, dialects and ‘quick talkers’?

    Yes. Verbit’s court reporting solution uses mature AI that can adapt based on the speakers’ accents, speech patterns and a glossary of industry-specific terms. In addition, human transcribers provide an extra layer of transcript proofreading and support.

    Are the digital court reporters certified? How long does the deposition transcription process take? How is the final transcript formatted? How does Verbit accommodate the security and privacy concerns when offering remote deposition services? Will my clients know if I am using Verbit’s services for depositions and courtroom transcription?


    Whether you need Verbit for live or recorded video and audio, we’ll create a custom offering that’s perfect for you and cost-efficient. Let’s chat to get an understanding of your captioning and transcription needs.

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