Make your transcripts actionable with Gen.VTM

Start leveraging Verbit’s best-of-breed Generative AI product suite, Gen.V. It quickly analyzes your transcripts and extracts key information and helpful insights. Use it to receive automatic summaries of your transcripts, headline suggestions for sharing and much more.


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Gen.VTM is designed to:


Generate summaries

Receive and share helpful synopses with key points from meetings, events or lectures

Accuracy, trusted solutions

Provide keywords

Improve SEO with valuable keywords extracted for you

Text file, documentation

Suggest titles

Deliver information clearly and grasp attention with helpful title suggestions


Create quizzes

Prep yourself and your peers with quizzes for information retention

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Segment chapters

Benefit from having your information divided up into digestible sections

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Discover how to use Verbit’s unmatched Generative AI product suite, Gen.V.

The benefits of using Gen.VTM:

  • Reduce the time and manual effort required for reviewing extensive transcripts and recordings
  • Automatically uncover actionable insights that empower you to work and learn more effectively
  • Receive sharable summaries and valuable information to collaborate efficiently with peers
  • Results and insights are integrated into Verbit’s secure platform for confidentiality and data protection, unlike generic Gen AI tools
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Use cases include:


Academic lectures and online learning

Government (1)

Archives from museums & libraries


Sports & events

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Media programming


In-person and virtual meetings

Group of people

Conferences & events

Legal (1)

Legal proceedings

Corporate (1)

Medical proceedings

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Earnings calls

Mic (1)

Recorded business calls