Audio Description

  • Extended audio description
  • Concise, objective and accurate descriptions of visual images
  • Video hosting platform integration
  • WCAG 2.1 compliance
  • Increased engagement and performance
  • Fully accessible Interactive Video Player
  • Dedicated customer support and expert knowledge
  • SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliance

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    Verbit provides an audio description solution to help make all video content accessible to blind or low vision learners and viewers. Integrations with LMS and media hosting platforms provide users with descriptions to help these individuals seamlessly.

    Verbit’s audio descriptions are produced by professional describers to offer top accuracy that institutions and media companies can rely on. Users benefit from our API and out-of-the-box integrations with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more, allowing them to easily provide objective descriptions of all visual images.

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    The need for Audio Description is greater with online learning in today's climate. Verbit is investing more efforts in video accessibility, including for the vision-impaired, to provide them with equal opportunities to succeed. We've partnered with a leader in the AD field to offer a product we know works to meet these needs.

    Tom Livne, CEO & Founder, Verbit

    As we all strive to make the educational experience more inclusive, audio description opens the door to visual content that is received indirectly. With the ongoing increased use of video, much of the pedagogical reasoning in selecting video content is to provide another means for comprehension. Without audio description, some students are unable to fully access this content thus having less than an equitable experience compared to their classmates.

    Scott Ready, Accessibility Evangelist & Senior Customer Success Manager, Verbit

    Meeting Visual Accessibility Needs

    Making all video content accessible for blind or low vision learners is critical for universities and businesses to be inclusive and adhere to the ADA. Audio Description by Verbit utilizes expert describers to ensure all blind and low vision individuals are provided with equal opportunities to succeed. Our Interactive Video Player can be embedded into your current systems to ensure all video materials are easily accessible. This solution was launched in partnership with an expert and pioneer, a pioneer in the field of audio description. The product provides extended audio description, offering users in-depth, objective descriptions of visual images as seen by their sighted peers.

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