Live captioning &
real-time transcription

Live captioning your Zoom calls offers more equitable viewing for individuals with disabilities and others by making live videos, courses, trainings, meetings and events accessible. With leading AI real time captioning, transcription and CART services, Verbit offers live captions and transcripts to all viewers seamlessly. Verbit meets ADA, FCC, WCAG 2.1, HIPAA, SOC 2, HECVAT, VPAT and GDPR guidelines.

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closed captioning & real-time transcription
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    Top accuracy with zero delay

    Use the best closed captioning software. It offers real time captioning alignment and word-for-word real time transcription, delivering live audiences with the highest accuracy.

    Ease of use

    With easy booking and cancelling features, Verbit offers users the flexibility needed to schedule CART captions quickly and deliver live automatic captioning for accessibility needs.

    Live web conferencing and streaming

    Providing professional real time captioning for Zoom plus live, native integration into all web conferencing and online streaming platforms and RTMP. Live transcription services for Zoom, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo and more at no extra captioning encoder cost.

    Live captioning & real-time transcription

    Meeting Live Captioning Needs

    Viewers now expect all video and audio content they’re consuming to be captioned.

    Tailor Made For Your Industry

    Benefit from a live captioning service for web conferencing, events, meetings, trainings, town halls, research, interviews, podcasts and courses.

    Utilize real time closed captioning & real time audio transcription, options for Live Zoom captioning & Zoom transcription with speaker identification, interactive transcripts for note taking, search and sharing, easy integration with LMS and video hosting platforms, RTMP In, RTMP Out and support for translation.

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    “Verbit’s solution is faster and just as accurate as our in-house transcription department. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in reduced workforce costs.”

    Jeff Handy

    Product Owner at Bisk, Agile Project Management

    “A 20-minute video may have taken us three or four hours to edit an automatic transcript, so Verbit’s a real time saver for us.”

    Jenny Crow

    Digital Education Team Manager (MVLS), University of Glasgow

    “We have hundreds of events. Handing over an API key takes two seconds and then it’s done, so Verbit was really easy to set up”

    Juli MacArthur

    Learning Technologist, Royal College of Art

    “We have a global audience… With everything captioned, we can now offer translations of that content as well.”

    Susan Threadgill

    Product Lead, Skillshare

    “We came across Verbit right from the start… Straight away, it was clearly the best product, most reliable, most accurate. It’s become ingrained in the Union.”

    Mike Joslin

    Lead Marketing Officer, NEU

    “Verbit’s one of those platforms, because it does what it does so well, it just sells itself around school. Everyone likes to use it because it’s so quick… Verbit was just a simple win.”

    Sushil Pallen

    Learning Innovation Manager, London Business School

    “We were able to come up with a contract. That process went really quickly. Then within that next week, I would say, I was meeting with [Verbit] and we were getting everything in place for live captioning.”

    Barbara Forrest-Ball

    Ed: K-12, NIC, Manager, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Access Services, Oregon State


    When would I need to use live captions?

    As more videos, events and courses are live streamed to audiences, live captions should be considered. Captions produced in real-time while the video is happening help viewers to participate more effectively while remote or in environments where the sound can’t be played out loud. Captions also help to deliver accessibility to audiences who rely on them to consume your content and participate in your events. Both captions and transcriptions reinforce the content which is being shared verbally for greater audience engagement and information retention.

    Who uses or needs live captions and live transcription? What’s the difference between live captions and live transcription? Why can’t I just use built-in or free transcription and captioning tools? What’s important to consider when offering live captioning on videos?


    Whether you need Verbit for live or recorded video and audio, we’ll create a custom offering that’s perfect for you and cost-efficient. Let’s chat to get an understanding of your captioning and transcription needs.

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