Introducing an ASR designed specifically for you, CaptivateTM

Most automatic speech recognition solutions fall short on meeting unique needs. Verbit’s researchers, developers and linguists have since launched a revolutionary technology, Captivate to fill this gap. There’s now a better way to receive accurate captions and transcripts automatically. Discover how we can tailor Captivate precisely for you.


The benefits of using CaptivateTM

  • Leverage a customer-centric solution that works for your needs instead of generic one-size-fits-all ASRs
  • See higher performance on names, niche subject matter, accents, background noise and more
  • Witness continuous improvement within and after each session
  • Partner with an expert team committed to providing you with the highest accuracy possible
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See how it works

Dive into our fun and informative explainer video to see how Captivate is made to suit your specific needs.

Intelligent customization sets CaptivateTM apart

Accuracy, trusted solutions

Personalized precision

Dedicated models crafted and based on your valuable input.

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Bespoke term boosting

Boosted by proactive research, integrations into customer folders and a dictionary of terms important to you. ​


Dynamic domain dictionary™

Trained continuously on industry domain specifics both pre-session and within sessions.


Customer-centric specifics​

Built to integrate easily into the platforms you’re using and to appear in any format you need.

Use cases include:

Live Captioning

Live sports and events

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Media programming and live streams


Virtual meetings

Group of people

Conferences & events 

Legal (1)

Legal proceedings 

Corporate (1)

Medical transcription needs  


Earnings calls 

Education (1)

Campuses and online learning environments 

Government (1)

Museums and visitor centers 

Mic (1)

Interactive personal assistants 

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Call centers 

Video (1)

Marketing and social videos 

The research behind CaptivateTM

Read our team’s whitepaper which uncovers the gaps of existing Automatic Speech Recognition technologies which led them to create Captivate.

We also ran a third-party research study with 200 senior leaders who are using ASR and captioning technologies to get their perspectives. See the survey results here.

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