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Receive accurate, searchable transcripts of your meetings, events and recorded videos for easy referencing. We’ll also customize your transcripts to your specific needs and formats.


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Simplify your setup with automated video and audio transcription tools that work directly with popular platforms, like Zoom, Panopto, Vimeo, YouTube, AWS, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and more.

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Professional-grade accuracy

Catch every word with quality transcripts that mean exactly what they say. With targeted 99% accuracy, our automatic transcription solutions support ADA guidelines and other requirements.


Custom formatting

Receive files in nearly any format, including PDF, Microsoft Word document, CSV, JSON, and plain text. Transcripts feature speaker identification, SMPTE time codes, and other info for enhanced reference.


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Boost viewer engagement. Reach diverse audiences. Reflect your brand’s dedication to inclusivity.

After the event, searchable transcripts provide an accessible record of internal meetings, virtual events, company announcements, webinars, & more.

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Hear from our customers

Lorene Eberhardt Director of Operations, Rose Li & Associates

When English is not the first language for attendees, having captions that are accurate can be incredibly helpful.

Steve Broido Director of Multimedia, The Motley Fool

Live video streaming was perhaps one of the most efficient ways to reach out and speak directly to our membership base.

Audio transcription FAQs

How does Verbit’s transcription software work?

Verbit’s online transcription services are delivered through a variety of means, including a mix of Artificial Intelligence + Human Intelligence. Through this process, the automated transcription is produced by Verbit’s in-house automatic speech recognition (ASR) machine. Once the draft is produced, professional human transcribers review the technology’s work to improve its accuracy.

Why aren’t free, automated transcription software tools enough?

Many free services from Google and the like which are built-into platforms you’re using simply are not always accurate. The transcripts provided will often contain inaccuracies which do not offer an equitable experience to individuals with disabilities and others who rely on them. To abide by ADA, FCC and other guidelines, Verbit’s solutions can target higher accuracy rates.

Why do I need voice to text transcription?

Aside from meeting disability needs, video and audio transcription is beneficial in providing schools and businesses with word-for-word records. Transcription is helpful in any scenario where note taking is needed. It offers audiences an additional way to consume and engage with content.

Can Verbit provide transcription for difficult audio and video?

Yes, Verbit’s transcription services can handle audio and video files with ease. Our solutions can identify different speakers and decipher accents to provide users with more accurate transcripts.

Can transcription of audio & video help to boost my SEO rankings?

Yes, when video and audio is transcribed and added to your website or in your video description, search engines are able to detect the transcription and will rank your video higher.