eLearning and online course accessibility

Verbit’s expertise in eLearning is being used to enhance online courses globally. Our professional transcribers and technologies are trained to deliver access in online course environments. You’ll find Verbit’s professional captioning, transcription, translation and audio description easy to use with integrations into your LMS, web conferencing and media hosting platforms.

eLearning and online course accessibility hero

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Designed to support online learners

Our solutions increase student engagement and information retention. Verbit offers a suite of accessibility solutions, including transcription and captioning, which are built for online learning needs. Start leveraging our seamless integrations and live services without compromising on accuracy or your budget.

Support for accessibility compliance

Our captions, transcripts and audio description are designed with ADA and WCAG benchmarks in mind. We are committed to inclusion and helping each customer reach their accessibility goals.


Gen AI applications that enhance transcript use

Our new generative AI tool, Gen.V, is among our tech-first educational offerings. With Gen.V you can provide students and faculty with accurate transcripts, as well as insightful ones with summaries, headlines and keywords that generate automatically.


Helpful time-saving integrations

Our wide range of integrations are available for common video platform and conferencing software streamlines the process to make delivering captions and transcripts easier than ever before.


Solutions designed for advanced coursework

Verbit’s proprietary solutions deliver accurate results on niche educational topics, even on STEM and graduate-level content. We apply machine learning to continuously provide greater accuracy with each session.


Access to education experts

With Verbit, you’ll benefit from a specialized education customer success manager. You’ll have a dedicated partner to collaborate with to address your institution’s specific accessibility needs.