eLearning and online courses

  • 99% accurate transcription and captioning for ADA standards
  • Rest API that fits workflows
  • Administrator approval flow
  • HIPAA, SOC 2, HECVAT, VPAT, GDPR compliance
  • Integration with LMS, web conferencing and media hosting platforms

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Our tools that increase student engagement and information retention by 80%. Verbit offers a one-stop-shop for the transcription and captioning needs of online courses, both pre-produced and live. We provide seamless integration and real-time service at the most competitive price, without compromising on accuracy or speed.

How does it work?

See how we meet ADA requirements and drive online student engagement seamlessly

In the last two years, I believe almost every student at [GMU] has taken at least one online course, whereas about three or four years ago, that was maybe one in seven or one in eight students had taken a fully online course.

Korey Singleton, ATI Manager, George Mason University

Meeting Distance & eLearning Needs

With reliable speech to text tools, all students can participate effectively, both live and while watching course content on-demand. These tools offer real-time captioning of online courses as a professor lectures and real time transcription of sessions so students can benefit from note taking capabilities. The addition of captions and transcription tools not only helps online students with reported disabilities, such as those with hearing loss, but all students. Captions and transcription tools can help all students to better engage with course materials to succeed academically. You can meet the accessibility needs and requirements of all students and offer all distance learners equal opportunities to thrive.

Improving online courses

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