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Verbit’s technology

Verbit’s AI-powered technology recognizes course-specific terms, various accents and dialects and differentiates between speakers for unparalleled accuracy.

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  • Empower all students to achieve better academic results with equal access to all course content, regardless of student ability or disability, learning style or language skills
  • Adhere to regulations such as the ADA and Rehabilitation Act
  • Engage with interactive features:

Search within a transcript to find specific terms

Identify keywords in scripts

Connect students with related content to boost comprehension

Cost Effective Accurate Fast Easy Customized

Automation enables up to 50% cost reduction

Self-learning algorithms help reach targeted 99% accuracy and continuous optimization

Artificial and human intelligence deliver results 10 times faster

Simple and intuitive platform allows users to upload and download files in various formats

Seamless integrations with all major LMS and video hosting platforms

Our Integrations, Partners & Customers

Verbit is a leading transcription and captioning solution that fuses artificial and human intelligence to provide high accuracy at a rate 10 times faster than the industry standard. Built on self-learning algorithms, Verbit is the only platform that leverages contextual data, specific acoustic models and current events to provide each customer with a tailored model that keeps improving with time. Verbit’s flexible cloud system includes customizable templates and allows users to upload files directly, via API or through integrations with leading platforms like YouTube, Kaltura, Panopto and Vimeo. An intuitive user interface enables seamless editing, reviewing and collaboration for clients and transcribers alike. Verbit helps customers across the higher education, legal, financial and media industries redefine the way they transcribe, index and access their video and audio files. Founded in 2016, Verbit has secured $11M in seed funding, led by HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Vertex Ventures and Oryzn Capital.