Customer Spotlight

Bisk Education, Inc.

Bisk, a leader in online education, partnered with Verbit to streamline captioning services for enhanced accessibility, delivering top-quality learning experiences.

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In a Nutshell

Bisk partners with institutions to deliver exceptional online education. Its flexible suite of online program management services helps universities succeed and students thrive. Bisk also provides business professionals with the opportunity to receive online degrees and certificates from the world’s top universities.

Bisk began by captioning all of its lecture materials in-house, which became labor-intensive. The value of captioning and providing more accessibility became more apparent, but to help control the ongoing costs, Bisk partnered with Verbit to serve as an agile, reliable third-party provider.

The Challenge

Bisk aims to make education accessible to all students. Bisk was spending significant time and money conducting transcription and captioning in-house and was seeking a key technology partner to improve its current process without sacrificing quality or accuracy

Bisk needed to improve on:

  • Manual processes: Inefficient, in-house processes for transcription, captioning and billing.
  • Editing processes: The ability to search and correct transcripts seamlessly.
  • Complex course or instructor needs: Its process for addressing difficulties that arise with accents, dialects and complex course terminology.
  • Costs: Its bottom line by reducing costs spent.

The Solution

  • Accelerated turnaround time
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Addressing transcription and captioning difficulties
  • High confidence level

The Results

Accelerated Turnaround Time

“It was pretty obvious pretty quickly that I needed to go with Verbit because the turnaround time was excellent. There was good reporting way beyond what [a competitor] was able to offer.”

Improved Efficiencies

“From a classroom perspective, Verbit provides the technology to seamlessly search, find, and edit specific phrases and content. From a finance perspective, Verbit provided Bisk’s billing and accounting department with time-saving tagging to prevent them from physically and manually coding every billing cycle. Bisk is saving significantly each year in labor and spending much less on transcription services, yet receiving the same level of quality.”

Addressing Transcription and Captioning Difficulties

“Bisk offers courses with “rockstar instructors” from around the world, including for schools like Michigan State University and Notre Dame University. [Some] professors can be challenging to caption. “I was curious to see how Verbit could handle that, and they just surprised me by being so flexible.”

High Confidence Level

Bisk is provided with top-notch accuracy with Verbit’s machine-learning algorithms that get smarter with time. “I know that Verbit really shoots high for accuracy. That’s paramount for me.”

Jeff Handy Product Owner at Bisk, Agile Project Management,

"Verbit’s solution is faster and just as accurate as our in-house transcription department. We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in reduced workforce costs."