Customer Spotlight

Keypath Education

Keypath Education partners with universities for online education, while promoting accessibility for Deaf and hard of hearing students through Verbit's streamlined transcription and captioning solution.

Table of сontents

In a Nutshell

Keypath Education partners with leading universities to offer online program management services, as well as create global access to high-quality online education. As part of their full package service, all faculty-generated audio and video content must have an accessible alternative for students who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Keypath Education was looking for a transcription and captioning solution provider that would support their need to meet accessibility requirements and fit seamlessly into their existing processes.

The Challenge

Keypath Education required transcription and captioning that would provide greater accessibility to learners engaging with course materials. They needed a partner who would not only integrate with their existing processes but one which could assist with:

  • Accessibility support: Facilitation of transcription and captioning of all video and audio content for improved student accessibility without the need to utilize in-house resources.
  • Simplified processes: A flexible solution that could be adjusted to Keypath’s per-program needs and unique organizational requirements, yet still simple.

The Solution

  • Domain-trained Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine
  • AI technology
  • Human expertise
  • Powerful, robust capabilities
  • Dedicated customer success

The Results

Reduced Costs

“With our previous vendor, we had to submit requests for transcripts and captions separately. With Verbit, we receive both simultaneously, so we’re no longer double-charged for the same transcription job.”

Increased Efficiency

“Being able to export transcripts in PDF or plain text form has been a timesaver for us. We build our transcripts in HTML since it’s more accessible that way, and we don’t have to worry about document formatting.”

Personalized Approach

“With our previous vendor, we rarely heard from anyone, and it was unclear who to reach out to if we had questions, concerns or anything of that nature. Verbit being so responsive and more relationship-focused has made a big difference for us.”

Tailored Solution

“Verbit was willing to address our business needs with a per-program customized solution, which has saved us a tremendous amount of time, as we no longer have to match up the amount being spent with the program manually.”