Customer Spotlight

MAK Pictures

MAK Pictures partnered with Verbit for a faster, cost-effective transcription solution to streamline their search for specific clips in the production of documentary and reality shows.

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In a Nutshell

MAK Pictures produces unscripted documentary and reality shows that involve many interviews, all of which must be transcribed. In order to put a show together, writers and editors must search these transcripts for specific terms to find particular clips they need. MAK had been working with a number of other transcription providers, both externally and in-house, to accomplish this task. The need to receive completed files faster and at a lower cost inspired them to look for an alternative transcription solution.

The Challenge

MAK Pictures decided to choose a new transcription vendor based on four core decision criteria: speed, price, efficiency and workflow. MAK Pictures had been working with a number of different transcription vendors that were unable to offer the delivery speed they needed to transcribe interviews in a timely manner. Beyond on-the-fly interviews, MAK Pictures was incurring substantial costs for certain shows that required entire transcription departments. MAK was also in need of a better workflow, as integrating SMPTE timecodes into the transcription is critical to them, and yet their previous vendor’s solution did not include this specialized feature. The cost of obtaining transcripts was proving to be prohibitive with cable TV budgets. Finally, MAK needed a more efficient solution, as they were bringing in an in-house team to transcribe interviews manually.

The Solution

  • Domain-trained Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine trained using industry and client-specific data
  • AI technology + human expertise with access to a network of highly-skilled professional transcribers
  • A custom SMPTE timecode integration for exact transcript alignment

The Results

Lower costs

“Because Verbit brought our costs down, we’ve been able to transcribe a lot more, which helps us put together more compelling content and enrich the stories we tell.”

Faster turnaround

“Sometimes we require transcripts in less than 24 hours, and, depending on how much footage we needed, our previous vendor couldn’t always meet that deadline. And, if they could, it would almost double the cost.”

Increased efficiency

“Sometimes we shoot pickups, which are scenes that are filmed after the main shoot is done. We need these interview bites turned around very quickly. Now we can do that.”

Paul Sutherlin HP Head of Post Production, MAK Pictures

Verbit is half the price and twice the speed of previous vendors… We’ve expanded the number of interviews and other scenes that we transcribe.