Transcribe proceedings with Legal Real-Time

Capture legal proceedings seamlessly and boost your court reporting agency’s capacity with Legal Real-Time. It’s revolutionizing digital reporting with effortless onboarding and scalable transcription tools. It’s built to work for all proceedings and affordable to help you keep up with growing market demands.


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Increase your capacity to deliver more jobs

  • Expand your legal coverage with reliable, scalable real-time transcription
  • Apply it to any legal use case
  • Quickly onboard reporters to handle increased job volumes with ease

What sets Legal Real-Time apart?

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Legal technology

Verbit’s proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) is built specifically for legal content

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Intuitive platform

User-friendly platform for helpful editing, easy speaker identification, readback features and quick onboarding


Comprehensive solutions

From real-time transcription to rough drafts and final transcripts, Verbit meets any reporting need


Simplified pricing

Straightforward, affordable pricing with no hidden fees

See how it works

Discover how Legal Real-Time can seamlessly integrate into your legal workflow

Features include:

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Speaker identification

Post production Services


Audio file

Audio playback


Live transcript view for clients


Transcript editing


Glossary of terms

Manual process

Keyboard shortcuts

Text file, documentation (lg)

Paragraph merging or separation


Labeling for Q&As, colloquies or examinations


Event and section headings