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Verbit Acquires U.S. Captioning Company, the Closed Captioning Provider for National TV Networks

Danielle Chazen
12 May 2022 3min read
12 May 2022 Danielle Chazen
3min read

Today, Verbit is increasing its footprint in the media and entertainment sector by acquiring U.S. Captioning Company. This addition to Verbit’s portfolio will strengthen its position as a global leader in AI-powered solutions built for each industry’s unique needs.  U.S. Captioning is a renowned US-based provider of closed captioning services for national TV stations, networks, producers and programmers. As the…

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Speech to Text Technology: Why It Matters for Businesses

Sarah Doar
10 May 2022 7min read
10 May 2022 Sarah Doar
7min read

Most are familiar with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, which have made their way into our everyday lives. However, speech to text technologies have quickly transcended daily life and have found their way into the business sphere. Speech to text software is transforming how individuals and businesses communicate and get work done. In fact, 41% of adults use speech to…

interview transcription

Interview Transcription – How Every Business Can Benefit From It

Sarah Doar
3 May 2022 8min read
3 May 2022 Sarah Doar
8min read

Nearly every team within your business is likely conducting interviews – whether it’s HR interviewing prospective job candidates, marketers who are seeking insights from thought leaders or sales teams hosting meetings with clients to better gauge their needs. Interview transcription is a helpful tool for both in-person interviews and virtual video ones, which are now often the preference of today’s…

Verbit Launches Event Series & Year-Long Partnership with

Sarah Doar
26 Apr 2022 4min read
26 Apr 2022 Sarah Doar
4min read

The Verbit team is proud to launch a year-long partnership with The partnership will consist of monthly webinars focused on the growing importance of workplace inclusion.  The most recent event, Before You Spend Another Penny: Bake Accessibility into Your Procurement Process, took place on April 26th at 1pm EST. This webinar and the ones that follow are focused on…

Why Content Localization is Being Embraced by Global Companies

Sarah Doar
24 Apr 2022 8min read
24 Apr 2022 Sarah Doar
8min read

Content localization is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics among marketers and professionals looking to expand their business’s global footprint. Nearly 90% of all major global companies say they are pursuing localization marketing.With more business and experiences happening online, brands are able to engage and connect with consumers more globally than ever before.  Content localization is being embraced as…

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What is Descriptive Video and How Can Your Business Use it?

Sarah Roberts
18 Apr 2022
18 Apr 2022 Sarah Roberts

Descriptive video helps people who are blind understand the visual aspects of videos. This accessibility tool is becoming more common. In fact, in some cases, video producers must include this feature or a similar one in their content by law. Descriptive video information What does descriptive video mean?Described video vs audio description what’s the difference?Accessibility laws in CanadaAccessibility laws in…

Speech Dictionary

Speech Dictionary & Related Terms

Danielle Chazen
10 Apr 2022
10 Apr 2022 Danielle Chazen

Helpful speech-focused lingo and terminology to know If the terms AI, ASR and NLP have you frazzled, you’re not alone. More speech-related acronyms and technologies seem to be popping up regularly, and they’re making their way into the daily vernacular.Here’s a helpful cheat sheet of terms for you to reference. Utilize this list to gain a better understanding of common…

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Why April Marks The Ideal Time to Double Down on Diversity

Sarah Roberts
1 Apr 2022 7min read
1 Apr 2022 Sarah Roberts
7min read

April is Celebrate Diversity Month! It presents an ideal time to acknowledge the many differences that make our communities beautiful and dynamic. April also ushers in Deaf History Month, as well as the 15th annual World Autism Awareness Day, which occurs on April 2nd and helps raise awareness of neurodiversity.  As an essential partner to businesses investing in greater diversity…