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Captioning and transcription are valuable tools for improving the accessibility of audio and video content. However, the benefits of these technologies don’t stop there. Business leaders around the world are embracing transcription as a means of improving the quality of internal and external communications.  

Studies indicate that effective communication can improve productivity in the workplace by as much as 25%. Providing searchable transcripts of events like meetings, lectures and webinars can further streamline these communications. When employees can quickly access the information they need, they can boost their overall efficiency, reduce friction and accomplish more. Here’s how and why transcripts can help business professionals enhance their performance.  

What is Transcription? 

Transcription generally refers to the process of converting audio and video recordings to text. Transcripts serve as readable versions of calls, meetings, marketing videos, podcasts and more. Not only do transcripts serve as a convenient reference tool, but presenting information in this kind of visual format can also improve comprehension and increase retention.  

How to Create a Transcript 

There are a few possible methods for creating transcripts of audio and video content. Some businesses may choose to use in-house employees to manually transcribe recordings word for word. However, this process can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Furthermore, employees without adequate professional transcription training are prone to producing transcripts with a substantial number of errors. Unedited transcripts can potentially lead to embarrassing or offensive mistakes. As a result, someone will then need to edit the content for inaccuracies. This editing process requires additional time and resources, which can negatively impact a business’s bottom line.  

Alternatively, some companies may choose to work with professional transcribers. Trained professional transcribers may deliver on accuracy. However, human transcribers often encounter bandwidth issues that make it challenging to offer their services at scale. This solution can also be extremely costly, particularly if a project requires a high volume of transcription work.  

Those business leaders looking for efficient and cost-effective transcription solutions benefit from partnering with a professional transcription service like Verbit. Verbit’s innovative approach leans on industry-leading artificial intelligence software as well as a vast network of professional human transcribers. This hybrid approach allows rapid production of a high volume of versatile transcripts with targeted accuracy rates as high as 99%.  

Also, Verbit integrates with many of the world’s leading media hosting platforms to offer seamless software integrations. For instance, Verbit provides YouTube transcription options on this leading platform. However, users who prefer other platforms can count on transcription for Vimeo and other popular hosting sites. Additionally, Verbit’s Zoom and  WebEx meeting transcription options make this process easy for anyone transcribing their conference calls or webinars.  

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How Do You Search in a Transcript? 

Some professional transcripts, like those provided by Verbit, offer search functionality. These interactive transcripts allow viewers to search for specific keywords within audio or video content to navigate to corresponding time codes in the recording.   

Searchable transcripts can serve as a particularly valuable tool for improving workplace efficiency. This benefit stems from the ability to refer back to specific portions of business communications. For example, searchable meeting transcripts allow attendees to quickly locate and reference the contributions of a particular guest or speaker. With search functionality, no one needs to watch or listen to an entire meeting recording to find one relevant section.  

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What are the Best Uses for Transcription? 

The possible uses for transcription in the workplace are endless. With more business communications taking place on virtual platforms, business leaders must take steps to record these online discussions accurately.  

Verbit offers solutions like board meeting transcription, lecture transcription, conference call transcription and webinar transcription to streamline the messaging of day-to-day business communications. These tools are particularly relevant given the growing number of employees with remote or hybrid work arrangements. With employees joining meetings and conference calls from multiple locations simultaneously, it’s not always easy to ensure they are all hearing or seeing the same things. By proactively providing transcripts of their meetings and lectures, business leaders can support more equitable messaging for all attendees tuning in online and joining in person. Also, in addition to Zoom meeting recording transcription, Verbit offers live transcription of Zoom meetings to help support inclusive communication in real time.  

Many businesses also employ interview transcription to generate written records of their conversations with prospective employees. This transcript allows multiple members of a company’s HR team to review candidates even when not everyone could join the interview in person. Similarly, businesses that rely upon focus group research in their marketing initiatives may choose to generate a focus group transcript. This tool makes it easy to review and record focus group findings.  

A business’s external communications can also benefit significantly from transcription. Verbit lets businesses transcribe audio to text to generate an interactive transcript of a podcast or video. Providing a podcast transcript, for example, makes episodes accessible to audience members who otherwise may not engage with an audio-only medium. This solution is critical for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing and helpful for many others. Not only does offering accurate transcripts support accessibility guidelines like the Americans with Disabilities Act, but it can significantly increase the potential audience for a piece of content.  

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Can You Search a YouTube Transcript? 

When surfing YouTube on a desktop, a user can view a searchable transcript of the video on the right side of their screen. This search function is not yet available on YouTube’s mobile platform, but the transcripts are still accessible for viewing in mobile mode.  

YouTube automatically generates transcripts for content on the platform, but these automatic transcripts tend to miss the mark on accuracy. Creators looking to support their content with accurate transcripts will want to upload their own professional transcript files. Offering a quality version is a better option for accessibility and related regulations. Verbit’s platform fully integrates with YouTube, which makes it easy to create and upload YouTube transcripts, even in bulk.  

Can You Search a Teams Transcript? 

In recent years, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a popular platform for business communications. Verbit’s live transcription solutions make it possible to transcribe Teams meetings in real time. This option helps to ensure more equitable experiences for all participants. Once a meeting ends, Verbit’s transcribers can review and edit a transcript for accuracy. The final product will have ongoing use as a reference tool. With the complete Teams meeting transcript, it will be easy for users to type in specific keywords to locate a particular portion of the conversation. This search functionality is a massive timesaver that also supports meeting participants who need this feature to engage meaningfully.  

Searchable Transcripts

Verbit: Modern Solutions for Modern Industries 

From insurance transcription to YouTube transcription and everything in between, Verbit’s solutions support wide-ranging industries and accessibility initiatives. Verbit’s easy-to-use searchable transcripts streamline communications in the office and on the go to provide more equitable messaging for all. 

With the assistance of additional tools like captioning, translation and audio description, business leaders worldwide can support their communities’ diverse needs. Reach out today to learn more about how Verbit’s technology solutions are helping companies of all shapes and sizes boost their productivity while fostering more inclusive internal and external communications.