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Vimeo’s platform gives business leaders a significant amount of control and flexibility when it comes to hosting their content. However, increasing audience reach and seeing high video engagement is another story. One easy fix being used by many Vimeo users to promote growth and stronger engagement rates is supporting their content with Vimeo transcription.

Since Vimeo transcription, as well as Vimeo captioning, are easy to incorporate onto videos and offer many benefits, they’re being embraced more frequently. They offer the ability to make your content much more accessible to diverse audiences, which can improve the discoverability of your videos and expand your brand’s reach.

Table of Contents:

How Vimeo Stacks Up to YouTube

With YouTube dominating the media hosting market, it’s understandable that many individuals are unaware that Vimeo was actually the first large-scale video hosting platform to hit the web. While Vimeo may have a smaller overall user base than YouTube, Vimeo’s platform boasts a number of features that make it a more desirable interface for content creators and businesses.

Vimeo offers users an array of high quality video capabilities, plus the huge benefit of ad-free streaming. Vimeo also offers a number of paths to monetization that don’t require the substantial subscriber base demanded by YouTube. Vimeo’s live event infrastructure may be of particular interest to brands looking to expand their virtual event offerings. With Vimeo’s platform, users are able to host livestreams and charge viewers to tune in both live and after the fact.

The benefits of video transcription are many on both platforms. If you are going back and forth between which platform to use, here’s a helpful guide on each from Hubspot. Note that Verbit’s transcription can support professionals using both Vimeo and YouTube easily.

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What are the Benefits of Vimeo Transcription?

With so much content, time and investment going into videos being posted on Vimeo, brands need to implement every resource available to build their audiences and reach them effectively. One excellent way to do this is by utilizing Vimeo video transcription. Here are a few key ways Vimeo transcription can support business leaders in their video marketing efforts:

  • Improved accessibility: The stakes are higher for brands to be inclusive and make their content accessible to everyone. As video content continues to dominate as a marketing tool, brands must give adequate consideration to the accessibility of their posted content. Videos without captions or transcripts readily available are often not sufficiently inclusive of viewers who are Deaf or hard of hearing. These users often rely on written renderings of video content in order to fully engage with the messaging. The same can be said of viewers with ADHD or auditory processing disorders. One way to offer more inclusive brand experiences is to transcribe Vimeo video to text that can then be made available to any user who needs it. It’s important to note, however, that if the goal is improved accessibility, the captions or transcripts provided to viewers must be accurate. Brands that choose to work with professional transcription services stand a better chance at generating transcripts and captions with high accuracy rates.
  • Increased reach: Transcripts improve the overall viewership of Vimeo content. Many viewers have come to expect – and even depend upon – captions and transcripts when engaging with video content. Roughly 83% of people watch videos with the sound off. If a video is not supported by captions or transcripts, the messaging is likely to be lost on any viewer watching on mute. Further, offering accurate transcripts can greatly assist viewers who are watching in a non-native language and can better follow along by hearing and reading together. Additionally, having a readable version of video content can also make the text of the video more useful in other contexts. For example, a company may choose to pull quotes from a video conference to use in their written marketing materials or social media accounts. When you transcribe Vimeo video, you can also generate written content that can be posted on other online platforms. This written text will then become discoverable by search engines, which your original video itself will not be, thereby improving your brand’s SEO ranking
  • Boosted efficiency: Professional Vimeo transcription services can generate high-quality, searchable transcripts. These serve as a valuable resource for companies looking to streamline their record-keeping processes. Creating transcripts of video content can make it easier for staff members to retrieve and refer back to specific pieces of spoken text. The searchability of these transcripts can significantly reduce the time spent viewing and rewinding a piece of content in search of a particular quote or statistic, for example. A transcription partner like Verbit can also offer integrations that make it easier to transcribe video to text, as well as audio, in larger amounts to generate accurate Vimeo transcripts quickly.

Does Vimeo Do Transcription?

Vimeo currently offers automatic transcripts and captions for members with paid subscriptions. While these auto-generated offerings are convenient, experts warn that they may not be sufficiently accurate.

In fact, some studies show that the accuracy rate of automatic captions and transcripts can drop as low as 50%. For users looking to support their Vimeo content with accurate transcripts, Vimeo makes it possible for a user to upload his or her own transcript file – such as one generated by Verbit – directly on the platform. This method is highly recommended, as inaccuracies can hurt your accessibility and the way your brand may be perceived.

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How Can You Transcribe a Video on Vimeo?

If you’re interested in how to transcribe a video on Vimeo and avoid the accuracy problems posed by auto-generated transcription, there are a few methods to explore.

Some companies utilize in-house employees to manually transcribe their video content. While on the surface this approach appears to be cost-effective, untrained employees are prone to making substantial transcription errors that can be embarrassing and even offensive at times. Attempting to catch these mistakes can require multiple rounds of editing, which can cost a company both time and resources.

Professionally trained transcribers can certainly transcribe Vimeo video to text with a greater level of accuracy. Unfortunately, this process can not only be time consuming, but costly. Human transcribers also tend to run into bandwidth issues, which can prevent a company from producing transcripts at the scale they require.

Those looking to generate a high volume of accurate transcripts may instead choose to partner with a professional Vimeo transcription service like Verbit. Verbit uses a combination of artificial intelligence and human transcribers to produce searchable, accurate transcripts with industry-leading turnaround times. Verbit makes it easy to upload a video for transcription and receive a transcription file back quickly that is compatible with Vimeo, YouTube and more.

How Do I Transcribe a Vimeo Video to Text Professionally?

If you’re interested in how to transcribe a video on Vimeo as professionally as possible, it’s a simple upload and download process with the right partner. If you’re using Verbit, once you have your video created, you can simply alert Verbit or upload it to the platform. You’ll receive a fully accurate transcript back in as little as four hours if you need it.

After you’ve had this transcription file generated, Vimeo’s website lays out the following steps to upload a transcribed Vimeo video or even captions with the Vimeo captioning and transcription tools:

  1. Navigate to your video manager and open the desired video.
  2. Select the [CC] button to the right of the player to open the transcript panel.
  3. Click Settings from within the closed caption menu.
  4. Click the “+” button to the right of My uploads, then specific the language and file type.
  5. Click Choose File and upload the file from your computer.
  6. Once the file is uploaded, toggle it in order to activate it.

It’s also helpful to note that Verbit can help with live transcription. If you choose to livestream on the Vimeo platform, Verbit can also offer accurate transcription in real-time. This capability ensures everyone can engage with your events and videos live on the platform, making for an inclusive experience.

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Build a More Inclusive Brand Starting with Your Videos

Oftentimes, video is the first touchpoint consumers or employees will have with your brand. You want to leave them with the best impression and create a smooth experience for them. In order to include as many individuals as possible and reach them effectively, it would be wise to start dabbling in Vimeo video transcription. Offering this helpful textual aid to best follow along will be helpful to individuals with disabilities, those watching on mute, non-native speakers and so many others who can benefit from having notes to reference.

An experienced video transcription partner like Verbit can provide not only tools like transcription, but also live captioning, audio description and translation services. These small additions to your videos will help your brand demonstrate its dedication to accessibility and inclusivity. Your consumers, customers and employees will be thankful for tools that make videos more engaging, actionable and memorable.

Reach out for more information about using Verbit for your Vimeo transcription, YouTube transcription, Zoom captioning and additional needs.