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FAQ Real Time (CART)

How can I book a Verbit Live / CART Session?

On Verbit’s homepage, click on the ‘Live’ link. You will need to be logged in as an account administrator to see this option. Then click the ‘Book Now’ button. Finally, fill out the session details form with your name, profile, start and end times, speaker email address, notes for our transcribers and any glossary items to be discussed. Then click ‘Confirm’ and you’re all set. See these instructions visually here.

Speed and Accuracy Views for CART Services

We just launched a new feature that allows attendees more control over their experience with CART services transcripts. The new feature, TOGGLE, allows attendees to choose their own preference of how the live text will be presented in their web browser, whether to see the draft transcript as quickly as possible or see the corrected transcript a few seconds later. The speed view shows the text straight from the speech-to-text engine (ASR). This will also be the default view when loading the attendees user interface. Any corrections identified by human transcribers will follow a few seconds after. The accuracy view displays texts after they are reviewed by human transcribers. Any human identifiable corrections and adjustments are shown here. This outputs a transcript that leverages accuracy over speed. The text will be displayed in regular black in this view. Read more.

What are the advantages of Verbit’s real-time/CART solution?

Sessions can be scheduled within minutes using Verbit’s easy-to-use online platform. Verbit’s affordable real-time solution produces a highly accurate transcript on the spot.

What is real-time transcription/CART services?

This is the process of converting spoken audio into text in real time. Verbit’s real-time solution is fortified by smart AI technology to produce a highly accurate technical output that is corrected on the spot by professional type-correctors.

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