How Customer Data Enhances Our AI Models

By: Verbit Editorial
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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool for many across a wide variety of industries. From healthcare (providing personalized treatment plans) to banking (tailor-made finance products) to education (individual content creation), AI has helped businesses and organizations streamline operations and better understand customer needs. And its potential continues to be discovered.

Still, the mention of artificial intelligence is certain to elicit varied responses from people, ranging everywhere from excitement to uncertainty to fear.

At Verbit, we understand the very real concerns surrounding AI and wanted to take an opportunity to outline our approach to AI and AI data usage.

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Top-Quality AI Captioning

Verbit has always been an AI company. It’s been right there in our URL – – since our first day of business.

Our in-house, proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) platform, Captivate, uses AI technology and professional human captioners and transcribers to process human speech into readable text, transforming live and recorded video and audio into top-quality captions and transcripts.

We own the AI engine and can tailor it to meet specific customer needs, which gives us a distinct advantage in delivering highly accurate customer-specific services and solutions over the more generic ASR offerings on the market.

But we can’t provide that industry-leading accuracy if our engine doesn’t have access to the data training sets and information needed to produce those captions and transcripts.

Using Customer Data to Train Our Model

Verbit’s model is trained on prep materials provided by customers, research our team conducts on its own and, importantly, the tremendous volume of content that we caption for customers across a wide range of industries, including those in the legal, corporate, educational, media and government sectors.

Using customer data to train ASR models offers substantial advantages in enhancing system performance and user experience. And it’s this vast collection of customer data that fuels our engine and enables us to provide the highest captioning and transcription accuracy. 

Data analytics play a critical role in the success of an AI system and provide the information needed to drive intelligent decision-making. By collecting, processing and analyzing vast amounts of data, the AI can learn, adapt and make informed predictions.

In Verbit’s case, the diverse and expansive dataset derived from real interactions and events allows our ASR model to better adapt to the nuances of natural speech, capturing various accents, acoustic conditions and contextual intricacies. This leads to improved accuracy in transcribing spoken language, making the system more reliable and user-friendly.

Additionally, training on customer data enables the model to evolve dynamically, keeping pace with emerging linguistic trends and evolving vocabularies. This personalized touch derived from real-world examples enhances the ASR’s ability to comprehend individual users, facilitating a more seamless and tailored interaction.

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Keeping Your Data Secure

Verbit is always mindful and protective of our customers’ interests.

We want to stress that the customer data used to train our in-house engine – the captions and transcripts Verbit created for customers – is not shared outside of the company, with any other clients, or as part of any other external datasets.

The data is not publicly available and is only used to feed back into the engine. No one accesses the data, but everyone benefits from the learnings of that data.

An accessibility partner to more than 3,000 businesses and institutions around the world, we take our customers’ security and confidentiality needs seriously and apply a high degree of importance to our management and protection of customer information and data.

We employ the latest and most secure data practices, design our networks, workflows and applications to meet high security standards, and continuously work to improve our systems and practices to provide the most secure environment.

Contact us if you have any questions about our AI platform or AI data usage.