Verbit Launches Event Series & Year-Long Partnership with

By: Sarah Doar
Verbit Launches Event Series & Year-Long Partnership with

The Verbit team is proud to launch a year-long partnership with The partnership will consist of monthly webinars focused on the growing importance of workplace inclusion

The most recent event, Before You Spend Another Penny: Bake Accessibility into Your Procurement Process, took place on April 26th at 1pm EST. This webinar and the ones that follow are focused on arming business leaders with the insights they need to improve the accessibility of their meetings, conferences and live events.

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This joint event series produced by consists of seven webinars. Topics range from accessibility law to e-commerce inclusion efforts and much more. Business leaders will learn how they can better assess the accessibility of their own business communications and events. 

From testing out techniques and resources to ensuring accessibility for web and mobile properties, attendees will garner key knowledge on the digital requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how to audit themselves.

Why accessibility education is becoming more critical

A recent study explored the experiences of over 300 people who were blind, had low vision or were deafblind in the workplace. Research showed that businesses still have a ways to go to become more inclusive.

For example, prospective employees frequently faced accessibility challenges during the process of being hired and onboarded. 59% of the participants reported facing accessibility challenges when completing onboarding forms on paper. About 25% of participants reported that they could not fully access training required for their jobs. These realities impacted their productivity and sense of inclusion in the workplace, with 21% reporting that they considered not requesting a needed accommodation because they were worried about backlash from their employer, coworkers or clients.

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Professional education about accessibility is the first step in assisting businesses to adopt more inclusive practices and these webinars aim to showcase that inclusion is not only possible, but can be seamless with the right partner and knowledge in place.

Deep diving into the inaugural event

Today’s webinar will shed light on how to ensure that business leaders are using vendors which are providing them with accessible products and services. This need applies both internally as they communicate within their workplaces, as well as externally as they showcase their offerings, content and solutions to audiences. The session will feature Jennifer Sagalyn, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Perkins School for the Blind, Andy Burstein, CEO & Co-Founder of Accessible Pharmacy Services, Clyde Dupree, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Beyond A11y and Julie Romanowski, Director of Accessibility Services at Knowbility. The panel of experts is made up of speakers from the world of accessibility; organizations that have proven success in creating inclusive cultures. They will explore the importance of purchasing accessible products and the accessibility standards that business leaders must be aware of in today’s climate. 

The session will provide a detailed overview of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template process and how to build a procurement policy that encourages compliance with vendors. Takeaways will include best practices in procuring accessible online technology and procedures for developing enforcement mechanisms specifically for accessibility related contract violations. 

Join us today to explore: 

  • The importance of purchasing accessible products
  • Relevant web accessibility standards
  • The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template purpose and process
  • Building processes that encourage compliance
  • Implementing mechanisms to enforce accessibility related contract violations

Promoting workplace accessibility

Recognizing our compatible missions, Verbit has chosen to partner with As businesses aim to adopt more practices, provides a compass for them with objective and trustworthy information that encourages equal access in the physical and digital worlds. 

People meeting in a conference room, with post-its on the wall’s mission and resources are strongly aligned with Verbit’s as Verbit releases more solutions to create a more equitable world and workplace. Verbit’s solutions, including captioning, transcription, translation and audio description, are being used by leading businesses to help them make their content and events more accessible. This partnership will showcase how greater knowledge backed with easy-to-implement solutions can help businesses offer greater access to diverse employees and audiences. 

As business leaders aim to learn more about their obligations according to the ADA, they can rest assured that and Verbit have the resources and solutions, such as captioning and audio description, which help businesses meet the necessary requirements.

Learn more about how Verbit’s solutions like closed captioning and real time transcription can be offered for your live events, meetings and experiences to make your environments more accessible and inclusive