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AST (Automatic Sync Technologies) is pleased to announce that we’re now doing business as Verbit. There will be no changes on your end or in the service you'll receive. Simply log in as usual, sign up if you're not already working with us or contact us with any questions.

The Texas Department of Information Resources (“DIR”) has issued accessibility rules for “electronic and information resources” (or “EIRs”), such as computer hardware, software, or services. The DIR rules are intended to ensure that any EIRs procured or developed by Texas state agencies or institutions of higher education are accessible by persons with disabilities. UT System has already taken a leadership position on this issue to give students, faculty and staff access to our critical information resources, regardless of visual, hearing or motor skills disabilities. While this initiative puts forth some daunting goals, Verbit (formerly AST) can offer some help. Verbit offers an automated web-based captioning service that can’t be beaten for simplicity and speed. Through a web-based interface, users can quickly and easily submit their media and transcript files. Minutes later, results are returned via email. Don’t have a transcript? Simply check a box, and we’ll make it for you (this process typically takes two business days).


Verbit can help bring your campus into compliance with Federal and Texas accessibility legislation. Verbit accurately captions in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price of traditional captioning.

Video Search

In addition to providing accessibility compliance, you can implement video search of streaming media for essentially no additional cost. What student wouldn’t want video search?

Improved Educational Product

Whether your goal is to make your content more accessible to viewers with disabilities, to enhance the comprehension of difficult material for all viewers, or to introduce Search and Navigation functionality to your web-based video archives, the result of adding captioning is quite simply an improved product to your customers. Distance Learning departments, Educational Technology departments, Media departments and even University News departments all use Verbit service to improve the quality of their final product and set them apart from other schools.

No Software to Buy or Install

No need to get IT involved. There is no software to install or purchase. Our automated web-based solution is available around the clock – whenever you need it! And it’s available from any web browser: at your desk, across campus or at home.

Cost Effective

Our automated captioning service is very cost-effective, and our educational pricing even more so. With volume-based pricing, the unit cost drops as volume increases, so it becomes cost-effective to caption all your material. Verbit also allows you to prepurchase captioning time, enabling you to take advantage of volume pricing even if your usage will be spread out over an entire budget period.

Watch Our How-to Tutorials

Want to see how to use our system? Want to know what to do with the results? Look no further — these captioned How-To Tutorials will show you how and give you a sample of what our results look like.


  • Web-based pay-per-use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Discounted educational pricing.
  • Choose just the services needed (you can provide your own verbatim text transcript to get captions, or you can have us do the transcription for you, or just get a transcript).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.
Post-Production Captioning Live Captioning Audio Description Transcription Captioning Integrations

Submit your audio or video recordings, and Verbit will produce accurate closed captions with precise timecodes that are ready to use on any video platform. Choose from as many formats as you need at no extra charge, and receive your caption files within minutes. You can download them, have them emailed, or delivered directly to your video platform. We can also translate these files to produce subtitles for you in other languages.

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From live captioning to CART services, Verbit delivers the same quality and support that have made us the industry leader in post-production closed captioning for educators, government agencies and cultural institutions.

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Audio description provides a way for individuals who are blind or have low vision to experience visual information through narrated descriptions. Verbit works with experienced professionals to deliver studio-quality descriptive audio that is clear and inclusive.

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Verbit uses professional transcribers to ensure the highest level of video and audio transcription accuracy. We can deliver accurate transcripts featuring niche topics and terms seamlessly. You can even receive your audio or video transcription files on the same day if needed. Transcription is currently available for English, Spanish,and French content.

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We refer to integrations between Verbit and your video platform as “workflow integrations” because they vastly simplify the workflow of adding closed captions to online videos. Rather than uploading video files to Verbit, downloading the caption files that we generate, and then uploading those caption files to your video platform (“the manual method”), our integrations automate this entire process.

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About Verbit

Verbit is trusted by educational, government and cultural institutions for its leading closed captioning and accessibility services. Contact us to get started with our cost-efficient, high-quality captioning solutions and meet today’s accessibility standards.