Using GoTo Meeting Transcription for a More Productive Workplace

By: Verbit Editorial



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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplaces, productivity remains top of mind for business leaders in almost every industry. Some people may be surprised to learn that a staggering number of businesses reported that the shift to virtual forms of communication boosted productivity and fostered more effective collaboration among employees. As a result, more businesses have begun using web conferencing solutions like GoTo Meeting for internal and external communications.  

To maximize the value of these communication solutions, business leaders may wish to implement assistive technology like transcription. Providing written transcripts of information via virtual communications can not only help improve accessibility for attendees with disabilities but also allows for more streamlined and comprehensive record-keeping. Let’s explore some of the ways transcription technology combined with GoTo Meeting’s virtual communication platform helps businesses save time and offer more equitable messaging for all.  

What is GoTo Meeting? 

GoTo Meeting is a web conferencing software developed by the software provider, GoTo. Users of GoTo Meeting have access to video calling and screen-sharing capabilities. These features support businesses looking to conduct virtual meetings with employees, clients and more. GoTo Meeting is particularly valuable for businesses with remote or hybrid workforces, as it offers employees an easy, accessible business communication channel.  

GoTo Meeting comes with enterprise-grade security features, so sensitive data and communications remain safe and secure. Also, GoTo Meeting offers users the option to enable additional features like meeting transcription, session recording and in-session chat to further enhance the overall meeting experience. 

Why transcribe GoTo Meeting calls? 

Transcription refers to the process of converting audio to written text. Most notably, transcripts are valuable tools for supporting the needs of individuals who are Deaf and hard of hearing. However, the benefits of video transcription don’t stop there. As businesses around the world continue to embrace the flexibility of remote and hybrid work arrangements, it’s more crucial than ever that their communication strategies account for the needs of remote workers, as well as on-site employees.  

Web conferencing solutions make it easy for employees to tune in from just about anywhere. Still, online communications can pose some challenges. For example, remote workers may need to join a meeting from a location that is rife with distractions like children, pets and other background noise. In other situations, virtual meeting attendees may experience a slow internet connection or poor audio quality. Each of these obstacles can negatively impact an employee’s ability to fully engage with the information their team is sharing via GoTo Meeting. Fortunately, transcription can help people in these cases. Here are a few ways having a transcript supports employees. 

Eliminating follow up questions and repeat meetings 

Transcripts allow participants to refresh their memory, review key points, discussions and action items from meetings. This offers better information retention and ensures that users can access critical details even after the live event ends. Following up on tasks becomes much easier when people can search a transcript rather than chase down answers. Preserving everything everyone said in the meeting in writing can also help to cut back on miscommunications and misunderstandings. These transcripts can also serve as a searchable record of a meeting, so employees won’t need to sit through an entire video recording should they need to revisit a specific portion of the discussion.  

Supporting international workforces 

Call transcription can also support the needs of meeting attendees who are communicating in a non-native language. For some such attendees, receiving a readable version of the information can support their understanding and can even allow for easier translation. While understanding and grasping every word during a live meeting might be challenging for non-native speakers, being able to read the content can improve comprehension. This feature promotes a more inclusive environment and prevents language barriers from hindering collaboration and effective communication. 

Improving employee focus 

Transcripts help keep participants focused during meetings. With the ability to follow along with the written text, attendees are less likely to get distracted or miss crucial information. Providing an accessible written transcript aid results in more productive and efficient virtual meetings. 

How to transcribe GoTo Meeting sessions 

GoTo Meeting offers users the option to transcribe their sessions, as long as they enable the platform’s Smart Meeting Assistant. The Smart Meeting Assistant automatically transcribes the audio of GoTo Meeting calls using a form of artificial intelligence known as Automatic Speech Recognition technology (ASR).  

While GoTo Meeting’s automatic digital transcription tool is fast and convenient, it is important to understand that auto-generated transcripts tend to contain errors, leading them to fall short of today’s accessibility standards and guidelines. For this reason, users will want to find professional transcription service like Verbit to support their communications with accurate transcripts.  

To transcribe a recorded GoTo Meeting session with Verbit, simply follow these steps:  

  1. Sign in to GoTo Meeting
  2. Select Meetings > Past and view your Recorded sessions.  
  3. Find your desired recording and select Download to save the file to your computer. 
  4. Upload the recording to Verbit’s platform for transcription.  

Once uploaded, your GoTo Meeting recording will be initially transcribed by Verbit’s proprietary AI software. Next, Verbit sends the file to a professional human transcriber for review and editing. You can then use the final transcript file to create GoTo Meeting closed captions or download them in your desired transcription format.  

In addition to offering users an easy way to transcribe their recorded GoTo Meeting sessions, Verbit also offers real-time GoTo Meeting transcription solutions. With these, you can offer live support for virtual attendees. Verbit’s integrated live transcription options support accessibility guidelines and boost engagement overall. Live transcripts also undergo review and editing at the conclusion of a session to ensure a high rate of accuracy before they become available for download.  

Boost productivity with Verbit’s technology solutions 

Verbit offers users a full suite of easy-to-use assistive technologies that are designed with efficiency in mind. With bulk-uploading capabilities and seamless software integrations, Verbit makes it easy for business leaders to improve the quality of their communications at scale. Proactively offering assistive technologies like meeting transcription can help support the diverse needs of modern workplaces and contribute to more positive brand experiences for employees and clients alike. For more information about communication solutions like GoTo Meeting and Zoom transcription services with Verbit, reach out