How Transcribing Services Boost Workplace Engagement

By: Verbit Editorial



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Research shows that improving employee engagement can boost productivity and increase profits by as much as 21%. With more business communications occurring virtually and even asynchronously, business leaders must find new and innovative ways to keep their employees active and attentive during meetings, calls and seminars.

Providing written transcripts of workplace communications is one of the most reliable methods for boosting real-time engagement and streamlining messaging for on-site, remote and hybrid employees. However, business leaders may need help with how best to implement transcription into their day-to-day operations. Partnering with professional transcription services can help take some of the guesswork out of the transcription process and ensure that final written transcripts are accurate and accessible.

What are transcribing services?

Transcription refers to the process of converting audio information to text. It’s possible to produce a transcript from video and audio recordings, as well as from live communications like conference calls and meetings. The traditional transcription process involves a single transcriber listening to a selected audio sample and manually typing out everything they hear.

When first implementing transcription practices, many business leaders attempt to task in-house employees with manual transcription projects. However, employees without professional transcription training often fail to produce transcripts that are accurate enough to serve as accessibility solutions.

Alternatively, some business leaders hire independent professional transcriptionists to help with their transcription efforts. While these professionals tend to produce highly accurate final transcripts, they are often expensive to hire. They may also encounter bandwidth issues that preclude them from completing large-scale projects in a timely manner.

That’s where transcribing services come in. Professional transcription services like Verbit specialize in completing transcription projects of all shapes and sizes. Many of these transcription services use advanced technology solutions to complete their clients’ transcription projects more accurately and efficiently, and some services even offer enhanced transcription offerings like searchable transcripts.

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Why are transcribing services important?

In addition to boosting productivity, transcription can significantly improve accessibility for employees and other community members with disabilities and specific learning needs. While virtual communications make work more flexible and convenient for many individuals, these digital communications are not always accessible to everyone.

For example, many individuals with ADHD, auditory processing disorders and other neurodivergent conditions benefit significantly from receiving information in a readable format rather than relying on audio or video alone. Similarly, those who are Deaf or hard of hearing may be unable to fully engage during communications over the phone or via video chat. Providing a written account of those communications can help to ensure equitable messaging for all participants and contribute to a more inclusive workplace overall.

It’s important to understand, however, that for transcripts to provide equitable experiences to those with disabilities, they must achieve exceptionally high accuracy rates. Accessibility standards and guidelines like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) set a high bar for assistive technologies and other accommodations, and transcripts are no exception. Since transcripts must be highly accurate, they require review and editing. Professional transcriber services like Verbit understand the stringent accuracy requirements outlined by accessibility standards and are familiar with best practices for achieving the level of accuracy dictated by law.

What are the benefits of working with transcribing services?

Transcribing companies like Verbit have streamlined the transcription process to maximize the benefits of transcription in the workplace. Verbit’s unique process uses artificial intelligence software and a vast network of professionally trained human transcribers to produce accurate transcripts without compromising speed or efficiency.

Verbit’s transcription solutions can help business leaders in several ways.

Boosting productivity

One of the best ways to improve employee engagement is to make information available in multiple formats. Transcripts can serve as convenient, readily accessible meeting minutes, so employees can worry less about taking notes and focus on participating in the moment. Transcripts can also preserve information from a meeting so that employees can continue to revisit essential talking points from the session. Verbit’s unique approach to transcription is designed with efficiency in mind, so fewer in-house resources must be delegated to transcription projects.

Improving accessibility

In addition to supporting the needs of employees with disabilities and specific learning needs, transcription can make workplace communications more accessible to additional communities. Written transcripts support the needs of employees whose first language is something other than English.

Increasing visibility

Businesses that regularly share content with the public benefit significantly from supplementing their audio and video content with written transcripts. Adding transcripts and captions to online videos increases watch time and boosts audience engagement. Publishing written transcripts online can also improve a company’s SEO ranking and increase brand visibility overall.

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Applications for transcribing services

Verbit specializes in producing transcripts for a variety of functions and purposes. A few of the most common, practical applications for transcription include:

Verbit also offers transcription solutions for professionals in specialized industries like the medical field, legal sector, market research community and more. Verbit’s professional transcribers undergo intensive training and learn best practices for transcribing communications and data in specialized industries.

Future advancements in transcribing technology

As information-sharing methods continue to evolve, transcribing services like Verbit will continue to enhance and improve their transcription offerings. Currently, AI technology is limited when audio recordings are hard to hear or feature multiple speakers and accents. However, expert researchers are finding ways to improve the results despite challenges like imperfect audio or multilingual environments.

Verbit is already looking for innovative ways to improve its transcription offerings. For example, Verbit recently released a suite of generative AI technology that produces summaries and makes existing transcripts more useful.

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Partnering with a transcription provider

Partnering with a professional transcription service like Verbit can help business leaders improve the quality of their communications to boost productivity while supporting the diverse leads of modern employees. Verbit offers a wide range of transcribing services online, so professionals can easily incorporate transcription technology into their day-to-day operations.

With seamless software integrations, bulk-uploading capabilities and an ever-expanding roster of enhancements and resources, Verbit’s comprehensive support for transcription projects benefits every industry. For more information about boosting employee engagement and fostering inclusivity with transcription technology, reach out today.