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Remote work and virtual meetings have been largely embraced by the majority of today’s businesses, but keeping business processes running smoothly is another story. It often all comes down to keeping communication clear – among employees, among clients and arguably most importantly with paying customers.

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Business leaders who communicate effectively can increase their employees’ productivity by as much as 25%. Plus, many of the same tools which fuel better internal communication are being used when engaging with audiences and customers across the globe.

The big solution to consider: meeting transcription. It’s being offered live in Zoom meetings with immediate speech to text tools, as well as after meetings where a word-for-word transcript is shared with the participants to reference later.

To improve communication within your workplace and more effectively reach audiences who you want to hear and retain your meeting takeaways, transcribing your meetings is an important tactic to consider.

Meeting Transcriptions Offer Improved Comprehension

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Studies have shown that people are more likely to comprehend and remember visual information rather than when participating in events and meetings with the audio alone. Meeting transcription provides participants with a visual format of the spoken content, allowing them to listen and read along at the same time. Transcription software can be used to create accurate transcripts of meeting minutes, ensuring that ideas resonate and are retained by audiences, employees and customers more effectively.

When you transcribe meetings to text, live meeting participants are also more likely to be engaged. Transcripts like Verbit’s are automatically generated within the meeting window on platforms like Zoom so participants can follow along audibly and visually if they desire. Transcripts also remove the need to write down rushed notes or remarks during a meeting as participants know they’ll have a copy of the transcript to review afterward. Additionally, having a written document with the meetings’ dialogue to reference will avoid any miscommunications or “he said – she said” situations. It can also provide organizations with legal backing if commitments were made by clients or quotes are referenced or published later.

Finally, in today’s remote work environment, it’s rare that employees and clients are in perfect, quiet environments to tune in. Many are working from coffee shops or from their homes with other family members and noise being the norm. Having a written transcript to go back to after or a live one to read if they need to be on mute, is helpful for all. 

Meeting Transcription – Audience Accessibility is Paramount

It’s also crucial to ensure that meetings and virtual events are fully accessible to participants, including individuals with disabilities or those who may be Deaf or hard of hearing. Offering meeting transcription can help tick that box and offer greater accessibility to diverse audiences participating.

Transcriptions also provide accessibility for international participants who may be trying to understand meeting information that’s not in their native language. As businesses run more globally and produce global virtual events, meeting transcription is a great tool to offer them.

Companies like Verbit can support the production of meeting minutes with transcription services that support ADA compliance and reach high accuracy levels for accessibility and equity of all meeting participants.

How Do You Transcribe an Online Meeting?

Many people think of transcription as an afterthought or a material that’s produced after a meeting or event takes place. However, online meetings can be transcribed live in real-time. The best way to ensure these transcripts are effective though is to not enlist the automatic, built-in transcription available to show on the side of the screen within the platform you’re using. Live transcription needs some element of a human touch.

Verbit offers a hybrid method of using automatic speech recognition to first produce the text of the dialogue as it occurs, but has human transcribers going in and editing the transcript quickly in real time to improve its accuracy. Live online meeting transcription should be left up to professional humans if accuracy is important to you and your call participants. It’s especially critical if individuals are joining who have disabilities and need an accurate transcript in order to participate with equity.

Verbit’s system can also work by assigning a professional transcriber to attend your meetings, which is the best bet for live, public-facing events like webinars or large conference calls. The transcriber logs in as one of the moderators and can be assigned to type. These professionals are trained to type quickly and accurately and meet the levels of intelligibility needed to make these online meetings accessible, as well as engaging for everyone. The final transcript can also be delivered to you after the call for you to share with all participants after.

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Meeting Transcription with Increased Security and Data Protection

When considering transcription, it’s also critical to consider security and privacy measures. Without proper security in place, you can be at risk for legal consequences should your transcripts or confidential information get into the wrong hands. For example, there might be a customer who shared their home address during a meeting but doesn’t want that information shared with others. Data breaches have plagued small businesses and iconic corporations alike, so ensuring the meeting transcription vendor you’re using has effective security in place is of the utmost importance.

Transcription providers like Verbit provide businesses with added security compliance for meeting transcripts, such as third party reports that cover policies on privacy and confidentiality, as well as SOC 2 certifications. 

Meeting Transcription – Greater Time Efficiency

Finally, what business professional isn’t looking for time back? Turning to speech-to-text meeting transcription tools save professionals time from taking copious notes on live calls, as well as needing to go back and watch event and meeting recordings after to pull out the important bits. Vendors like Verbit are extremely cost efficient and save professionals time from needing to transcribe what was shared manually by producing it automatically for them.

Verbit is also designed and trained to pick up on accents, different speakers, fast dialogue and other elements which make it harder for everyday professionals who aren’t experienced transcribers to detect correctly. Plus, with solutions like Verbit integrating directly into everyday meeting applications like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams, why not utilize a more efficient process?

How Do You Transcribe a Meeting Recording?

Once your meetings have ended, they’re usually stored on the platform you’re using. Zoom for example, often emails you the cloud recording, or you can login to the platform to retrieve a link to the meeting recording. You can then upload the file into the meeting transcription software you’re using. With Verbit, this upload process is super easy. You’ll be alerted within hours or one day – based on your needs – when the online meeting transcription is ready for you. Verbit’s meeting transcription services involve having speech recognition technology create the automatic meeting transcription, but then has the transcript edited for accuracy by professional human editors.

Using these tools to quickly produce business meeting transcription, is especially helpful, as the transcripts can be produced from recordings quickly and shared with teammates in a variety of formats with a simple download and send. Luckily, meeting recording transcription software isn’t complicated to use, nor expensive. Every business leader can benefit from having accurate, professional transcripts created from recorded calls to reference later.

Should Meeting Minutes Be a Transcript?

While word-for-word transcripts are incredibly helpful, there are some times where you might prefer summaries. Meeting minutes transcription software should be able to accommodate both word-for-word transcripts, as well as summaries based on your needs. For example, Take Note, a Verbit company, offers meeting minutes transcription services that can deliver on both of these needs.

Meeting minutes transcription can be done with speaker identification regardless, but sometimes you’d prefer cleaner transcripts that take out all of the small talk so they’re more easily digestible. Other times, for legal purposes, you may want the full word-for-word meeting minutes, let’s say when considering board meeting transcription or high-profile interviews, with every side note and tangent included. It really depends on the sensitivity of the call and your use case.

Meeting Evolving Business Needs

Virtual meetings are here to stay. Video meetings are noted to improve productivity by 50%. It’s therefore more important than ever for business leaders to consider tools like meeting transcription to enhance these calls and ensure their communication and business processes for using them are useful.

Taking advantage of tools like the events and meeting transcription that Verbit offers can make a big difference when companies want to both engage employees and provide access to individuals with disabilities. Offering Zoom meeting transcription, Webex meeting transcription or Microsoft Teams meeting transcription can help your employees or others joining the calls greatly. Verbit can assist with transcripts for all of these conferencing platforms.

To learn more about ways that your business can benefit from transcription of its meetings and events with a combination of Verbit’s AI transcription and 35,000 professional transcribers to guarantee accurate, professional results, reach out to us.