Corporate Transcription Services – Six Reasons You Need Them

By: Verbit Editorial
Business Transcription

Today almost every business operates as its own content machine. Professionals are creating and utilizing more content and video than ever before to effectively spread key messaging, provide information on products, reach wider audiences and engage effectively online.

A variety of different content and videos are being produced – including for virtual events, live training sessions, meetings and podcasts – and creating this content comes at a cost. Business leaders therefore should look to implement best practices when investing in content and video to engage with viewers and accomplish their goals effectively.

To do so, there are many strategies and tools to consider to increase the clarity and engagement of these resources for both teammates internally and external communication with potential customers.

One method being implemented by professionals is the addition of transcription via speech to text technology. More content creators are utilizing business transcription services and captioning their videos. Here are six reasons that showcase the value of both transcribing and captioning content to enhance its efficiency.

Boost Engagement with Potential Customers and Employees

Professionals want their content to resonate with viewers. Adding transcription enables target audiences to follow along, keep focus and access the content later to fill in any gaps. Captioning and transcription services enhance a company’s content, making it more engaging to viewers.

Many studies have shown that view rates and completion rates for videos are higher when accessibility tools are added to them. With greater views and engagement, professionals can feel more at ease that the amount they’re investing in video is paying off.

Ensure Content is Accessible to a Wider Audience

When professionals are creating content, they need to take into account how they can be accessible and inclusive of all viewers’ needs. Individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or have cognitive processing disorders for example, may need videos captioned and transcribed to be able to access them.

Captioning and effective corporate transcription services provide greater equity, as they allow these individuals to access the content. Further, transcription services, such as those offered by Verbit, help with the translation of content into different languages, allowing it to be accessed by an international audience. Brands can then reach consumers in all regions effectively.

Increase the Rate of Consumption and Digestion of Content

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Many content consumers digest information better when it’s delivered to them in multiple formats. For example, if they can watch a video with a live transcription appearing below it which showcases the spoken word, it increases consumption and comprehension. There may also be instances where consumers or colleagues need to watch a video from a meeting or a branding initiative without sound, such as while working on the train commute home.

Offering them the transcript with the video can account for environments when sound cannot be appropriately played out loud, as well as noisy environments. Adding tools like transcription allow employees and consumers to effectively consume content and video while on mute. Additionally, transcripts allow for content to become searchable. Your video consumers or employees can use transcripts to search specific phrases mentioned they want to reference and be taken to that exact point in the video, making for more efficient consumption.

Prevent Misunderstandings

Transcript can be added or provided to function as comprehensive notes. For example, the transcript of a virtual event or important meeting can serve as a word-for-word record of what was said. Having this record holds all individuals accountable as well. It also helps to make roles more efficient without needing to rely on a ‘human notetaker.’ Human error is unavoidable and can lead to inaccuracies, misunderstandings and ultimately, a loss of some information.

Individuals can access transcripts for ensure everything is captured and do so at a later time to supplement their own top-line notes and catch what they may have missed. Verbit provides 99%+ accurate transcripts for businesses with helpful features like speaker identification. These transcripts integrate with web conferencing platforms like Zoom to make for a seamless process.

Save Valuable Time for Employees

Having quick access to transcripts means that a business can obtain the notes from a meeting or virtual event right away rather than having to wait for them to be typed up. These notes can be provided to everyone in a meeting or event attendees as a post-event takeaway. Verbit’s transcription services fill the role of the meeting’s ‘secretary.’ Transcripts can be used also for interviews and additional use cases and be produced automatically.

Utilizing AI-based transcription tools like Verbit’s solution also help to save time when technical terms and jargon used by businesses are used regularly in the content. The AI machine can be trained ahead of time to pick up on speaker names, terms and topics which are likely to be discussed and more, avoiding the need to waste personnel time.

Keep Information & New Releases Confidential 

Businesses launching new products or features may not want to involve multiple individuals prior to launch for fear of ‘leaks.’ Using more technology which is backed by security means a business leader can involve fewer personnel. Additionally, they may wish to keep certain information confidential that is discussed during an internal business meeting or an interview. With Verbit, all files remain secure. As a result, businesses leaders won’t need to be concerned that company data or other forms of confidential information will fall into the wrong hands. 

Verbit’s transcription solution empowers effective business communication by providing quick and accurate captioning and transcription services, thereby creating more engaging and widely accessible content for businesses. Here’s further information on Verbit’s captioning services and transcription capabilities.