Verbit Announces Expanded Partnership With Video Platform Leader Kaltura

By: Verbit Editorial

Verbit will now provide more Kaltura customers with greater video accessibility. Verbit and Kaltura have expanded their partnership to offer Kaltura customers advanced AI-based captioning, incredible speech recognition technology and fast delivery times to meet the needs of today’s video audiences.

Following the shift to virtual events, online learning and remote work brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, more of Kaltura’s customers are now taking advantage of Verbit’s trusted Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). As a result, they’re providing enhanced video experiences, fast accessibility and increased engagement to their audiences.

“We’re thrilled to bring our collaboration with Kaltura to the next level, servicing world-class universities and corporations of all types and sizes,” said Jacques Botbol, Vice President of Marketing at Verbit. “We look forward to our continued collaboration as we bring transcripts and captions of the highest quality to Kaltura’s customers.” 

A Partnership Fueling Greater Accessibility

With greater online learning and video resources being shared, Verbit and Kaltura are embarking on a joint mission to make all video and audio content accessible and actionable. Together, the companies have a shared goal of delivering technologies that offer better accessibility to students and video audiences globally.

The new partnership extends beyond meeting baseline accessibility. In addition to helping individuals with disabilities, such as those with hearing and vision loss, Verbit’s end-to-end captioning will offer all Kaltura platform users with the ability to offer all students and viewers searchable transcripts and multi-language captioning so that all viewer needs and preferences can be accounted for.

Offering Built-In Captioning to Kaltura Customers

Kaltura customers now have the ability to easily request captioning and transcription within the Kaltura platform itself, removing the need to get captioning through an outside integration or manual upload process.

Kaltura’s customers will also benefit from captions produced by a combination of Verbit’s unmatched AI and its network of 35,000 professional transcribers to deliver 99%+ accuracy needed to meet ADA guidelines and accessibility benchmarks.

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Making Video Captioning Easier

Verbit’s expanded partnership with Kaltura will make captioning video more attainable and easier to those using the platform. With Verbit’s captioning and transcription technology built-in, Kaltura will be able to address the growing need to provide live and on-demand video experiences that are more engaging and equitable.

Leading businesses and institutions, such as Virginia Tech and many others are already benefiting from Verbit’s and Kaltura’s important relationship and integrations to help drive inclusive and accessible learning experiences within video platforms like Kaltura. To learn more about how Verbit is helping to make live and recorded videos more inclusive and accessible to Kaltura users and others, please reach out.