Verbit Named To TechRadar’s List as a “Best Speech-To-Text Service”

By: Sarah Roberts

Verbit is thrilled to earn a place on TechRadar’s list of “Best Speech-to-Text Services. TechRadar is a respected source for up-to-date technology reviews for businesses. The list features service providers that offer live transcription and captioning solutions for the corporate world and educational institutions.

Verbit’s high ranking comes just months after it announced that it achieved the highly coveted unicorn status as a tech startup with a more than one-billion-dollar valuation and then acquired VITAC, a leader in media captioning and transcription.
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How Verbit Made the Cut

TechRadar touted the increasing accuracy of speech-to-text technology thanks to improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The positive review cited some of Verbit’s innovative features as reasons for the solution’s high ranking among speech-to-text software. TechRadar stated, “Verbit uses a mix of speech models, using neural networks and algorithms to reduce background noise, focus on terms as well as differentiate between speakers regardless of accent, as well as incorporate contextual events such as news and company information into recordings.”

Verbit is proud that its adaptable technology helps capture diverse voices and keep pace with language related to current events. These advantages are critical for many corporate clients and academic institutions that rely on real-time captioning and transcription tools to make schools and workplaces more inclusive and productive.A woman using her laptop on the table next to a phone.

Live Tools and Accurate Transcripts

TechRadar touted Verbit’s ability to offer options for live captioning services and transcription, as well as final transcripts that undergo an extra layer of human editing to reach up to 99% targeted accuracy. These fully edited transcripts are available in just four hours, making them a quick and convenient resource for any use-cases that require superb accuracy.

Verbit’s editable transcriptions and robust security sets it apart from other speech-to-text companies, making the service valuable for highly demanding industries, including the government and law sectors.

A Fast-Growing Company in the Speech-to-Tech Space

The Verbit family is excited to continue to push AI-powered speech-to-text solutions forward while promoting inclusivity across various industries>.

Verbit’s technology supports accessibility in schools, corporations, media outlets, the legal world and more. To learn more about speech-to-text tools and translation and audio description services, reach out to Verbit.