Captioning & Transcription Secure Enough for ZoomGov

By: Danielle Chazen

Government agencies aren’t using Zoom Commercial, but rather Zoom for Government for their meetings, events and town halls. The platform was granted authority to operate by the Department of Homeland Security and the FedRAMP PMO.

However, while guaranteed privacy and compliance with a platform that meets the requirements of FedRAMP Moderate baseline and DOD Impact Level 2 is crucial, it comes with some limitations. For example, many solutions which integrate into Zoom Commercial and enhance the experience for participants aren’t granted integrations into ZoomGov.

For example, most transcription and captioning solutions, including Otter, aren’t secure enough to integrate into ZoomGov and meet its FedRAMP requirements. However, the majority of government agencies using the platform are still tasked with offering captions for calls to meet accessibility needs, as well as provide a full transcript of sessions and dialogue that occurs.

Instead of producing these transcripts manually or needing to rely on individual human captioners who receive special approval to attend these secure meetings, government agencies can look to Verbit. Verbit was granted integration into ZoomGov for seamless use of its captioning and transcription technology.
A half raised United States Flag on the flagpole.
Many government agencies are now using Verbit to caption and receive transcripts of their ZoomGov meetings and events to offer greater accessibility and engagement to all participants via captions. Additionally, Verbit’s AI-powered technology, which is fact checked by professional transcribers, offers them a cost-efficient and trusted solution to produce full, ‘cleaned up’ transcripts within 24 hours. This turnaround time is typically impossible for individuals or government staff to facilitate on their own.

Verbit’s ZoomGov integration is saving government professionals significant time, as they no longer need to produce transcripts manually. With limited bandwidths and budgets, Verbit is one tool that all government agencies using ZoomGov can benefit from.

Additionally, with US President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order focused on fueling more diverse and inclusive government agencies, beginning with their staff and policies, these technologies can also help to support these efforts. Captioning and transcription tools help to ensure everyone involved in ZoomGov calls and virtual events can participate with equity, especially those who are Deaf or hard of hearing.
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These tools also help to engage call participants who may not be able to listen or participate with the sound on, among many others, who can use the captions to engage most effectively.

To learn how to incorporate Verbit into your internal workflow and remove manual transcription effort, as well as ensure your Zoom meetings are accessible to all, whether using ZoomGov or Zoom Commercial, reach out to us today.