Announcing The Launch of ‘Student Access’ for Customers

By: Danielle Chazen

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In the past, students needed to contact university administrators every time a Zoom or web conferencing link for one of their classes changed. It needed to be updated in the system by the school administrator. The result? This process prevented or delayed the accessibility they needed to participate in courses effectively. It also clogged the schedules of administrators tasked with this important responsibility.

Verbit’s leaders are excited to announce its launch of Student Access, which solves these challenges for our customers. It ensures that students’ accessibility needs are taken care of without delay by giving them the power to edit the details of courses booked for captioning and even upload course terminology and materials themselves to ensure greater captioning and transcription accuracy by prepping the AI to ‘learn’ the course terms and be ready to detect them correctly once mentioned in the class.

“Providing equity to students as they learn in hybrid and online environments is more critical than ever before,” said Tom Livne, Verbit’s founder and CEO. “Verbit’s team members are experts in accessibility and engagement, making us well poised to launch a fully accessible option for live captioning and transcription which fuels student success.”

“With Student Access, all individuals can receive the accessibility they need – when they need it and how they need it. School administrators will feel the difference instantaneously as well,” Livne said.a woman working on her laptop in an office

How Student Access Solves Prior Challenges

Previously, only school administrators were able to make changes to classes for captions and transcriptions. With Verbit’s new offering, students have more authority to edit class conference link details and more. This new process ensures that students have full access in their courses without delays. Administrators can now spend their time more wisely and provide students with more accessible education as well.

Students also weren’t taking advantage of Verbit’s glossary tools, which allow for course materials to be uploaded prior to class for improved captioning accuracy. Prior to the launch of Student Access, administrators using Verbit often did not have the bandwidth to upload these course materials for their students or weren’t able to always get them in time from their students. Allowing students to now upload their own course materials and relevant keywords into Verbit directly means they’ll receive more accurate captions of live courses and can manage this process themselves as they get their hands on relevant documents from their instructors.

Students Will Benefit From Access to Transcripts for Studying

In addition to more accurate live closed captions and having peace of mind that the web conferencing link for their courses is always updated and correct, with this new offering, students will also be able to locate past course transcripts more easily. Students will have one place where all past class transcripts are stored to reference them easily for studying. In the past, they needed to scour through their inboxes to find each one or contact the school administrator and wait until they received the transcripts.

These features not only create a more engaging and efficient learning experience for students, but ensure that our customer schools are adhering to the ADA, WCAG 2.1, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR guidelines. Verbit’s leadership is thrilled to be facilitating a more accessible and engaging learning experience for students while providing them with the opportunity to take their daily needs into their own hands.

For more information on Student Access and its benefits for our customers, click here.