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California State University (CSU)

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AST (Automatic Sync Technologies) is pleased to announce that we’re now doing business as Verbit. There will be no changes on your end or in the service you'll receive. Simply log in as usual, sign up if you're not already working with us or contact us with any questions.

The California State University Chancellor’s office has a captioning contract in place with Verbit (formerly AST) to facilitate accessibility compliance and greater use of Universal Design for Learning techniques. This contract provides special pricing for all CSU campuses.

When using Verbit, you can easily submit media for transcription and captioning with just a few clicks. Verbit integrates into nearly all video platforms, including those used widely on CSU campuses, such as MediasiteVoiceThread and ShareStream.

Available Solutions

A full suite of video accessibility solutions are available for purchase under the contract with the CSU chancellor’s office. Main offerings include, but are not limited to:

Post-Production Captioning and Transcription Audio Description Live Captioning (CART) Services Production Transcripts

Submit your audio or video recordings and Verbit will produce accurate closed captions with precise time codes that are ready to use on any video platform. Choose from as many formats as you need at no extra charge, and receive your caption files within minutes. You can download them, have them emailed, or delivered directly to your video platform. We can also translate these files to produce subtitles for you in other languages.

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Audio description provides a way for individuals who are blind or have low vision to experience visual information through narrated descriptions. Verbit works with experienced professionals to deliver studio-quality descriptive audio that is clear and inclusive.

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From live captioning to CART services, Verbit delivers the same quality and support that have made us the industry leader of post-production closed captioning for educators, government agencies and cultural institutions for over 18 years.

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Production transcripts, or time-coded transcripts, are full transcripts of your media file with a periodic time stamp. Time stamps are typically placed at every speaker change and sometimes within a speaker’s monologue, but Verbit allows you to select the time stamp frequency to suit your needs.

Production transcripts are helpful for video editors to quickly identify specific moments for editing, saving significant time in post-production. Time-coded transcripts can also be used for interviews, focus groups, depositions, and panel discussion recordings.

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Verbit’s automated captioning service is cost-effective, as is our CSU System. CSU representatives can get started with Verbit by:

Note: All CSU account applications are routed to your campus for authorization before your account is created. If you are not with the CSU System, but are interested in making your own system-wide arrangements with Verbit, sign up for an account and our team will reach out.