Verbit Teams Up with Allyable to Help Businesses Become More Accessible Online

By: Sarah Roberts

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Ensuring all employees, consumers and members of the public can engage equitably with your brand and offerings is more critical than ever. To further Verbit’s mission of making the corporate world more accessible, it is now partnering with the company, Allyable. The joint power of these two accessibility-minded tech companies will help to solve many of today’s inclusivity challenges.  

With Allyable on board, Verbit’s leaders hope to offer greater education and advice on best practices for improving digital accessibility. This exciting partnership will make it easier than ever for business leaders to build more accessible sites.   

What does Allyable offer?   

Allyable helps companies improve the accessibility of their digital assets. The SaaS company provides solutions to assess your website, identify areas that are not accessible and fix them. Many companies working with Allyable are able to better meet today’s global accessibility standards, minimize legal risks and showcase a commitment to equity and inclusion. Additionally, they’re providing a more user-friendly site for all customers, regardless of disabilities or additional needs.   

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How Verbit improves accessibility  

Verbit’s leading transcription, closed captioning and other tools are helping companies make their audio and video content more accessible. With Verbit, it’s easy for companies to improve the accessibility of their online content, social media presence, events and more. Verbit showcases how adding captions to marketing videos, events and meetings is one of the most important steps businesses can take to provide access for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Plus, content with captions becomes more accessible to many other individuals. For instance, many people benefit from captions, including those with ADHD, consumers who don’t speak the native languages and commuters.  

Harnessing the power of technology for good  

The strategic partnership between Verbit and Allyable brings together two companies using technology to make the world a better place. 
“Verbit’s innovative suite of software tools enables our enterprise customers to automatically add captions, voiceovers, and transcription to any video, audio or multimedia asset,” said Allyable CEO David Adi. “Verbit’s top accuracy rates meet our exacting standards of effectiveness,” he said.   
Verbit’s software integrates with video and conferencing platforms like YouTube, Zoom and others, making it easy to improve accessibility.   
By partnering with Verbit, Allyable can now offer a captioning solution that supports international accessibility standards and their work. For Verbit, the collaboration means it can help further accessibility initiatives with its partners worldwide. Allyable can help to identify a vast range of accessibility challenges, pitfalls and shortcomings of Verbit’s customers. Together, Allyable and Verbit have the technology and processes to solve accessibility challenges.  

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How can Verbit and Allyable benefit your company? 

Investing in the accessibility of your website and digital content is a smart move. For businesses, taking time to improve web accessibility and build a more inclusive brand can pay off. In part, this is because many consumers are paying attention to a brand’s inclusivity efforts. Consumers are more likely to spend their money with companies that are inclusive.   

Another benefit is that employees are happier at inclusive companies. As a result, it’s easier to attract and retain top talent. Focusing on boosting inclusivity is, therefore, a strategy that increases productivity and reduces the high costs related to turnover.  

Also, the work you put into making your site accessible to everyone tends to make it easier to navigate.  

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For example, by captioning your content, research shows that everyone tends to pay more attention and retain more. Additionally, people are more likely to watch videos to the end if they have captions.   
From a business perspective, if you’re devoting time and resources to creating video content, you want that video to convey your message to your audience. Verbit’s captions and Allyable’s tips can help extend your reach while showcasing your attention to inclusion.   
Working with partners that are able to improve your accessibility and inclusivity is an intelligent move. Now, Verbit and Allyable’s partnership is making that process easier for corporate professionals. 
Verbit is an essential accessibility partner for businesses around the world. Contact us to learn more about our partnership with Allyable and how we can work together to make your business’s online presence more inclusive.