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By: Danielle Chazen



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While Zoom tends to get most of the publicity these days with the shift to virtual work and meetings, Webex is growing in usage. It’s the video conferencing platform of choice for 39 million cloud calling users and 650 million monthly meeting participants.

Webex, which is Cisco’s chat and collaboration platform, is being used regularly for meetings, messaging, document sharing, whiteboarding and calls. The platform is also becoming more enticing. It’s releasing an array of capabilities, including DataParser support and a “Move to Mobile” feature, which allows on-the-go users to seamlessly move from desktop to iPhone and CarPlay.

However, even with new features being rolled out, there’s still a greater emphasis on how to overcome the challenge of keeping virtual meeting attendees engaged. Coming out of Webex meetings with clear next steps, direction and action items laid out rarely happens. Many Webex users and their companies are looking into Webex transcription tools to help with that.

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How can transcription help everyday Webex users?

Transcribing the dialogue of Webex meetings and calls can help team members remember what was said or shared, with a clear word-for-word account of each call. Transcripts can help keep track of important conversations. They can provide a record with which to quote call participants, numbers which were shared and other action items.

Transcripts can also be labeled with speaker identification to make it clear who said what on each call, as meetings typically feature multiple participants. Attributing the dialogue to different team members can get cloudy, especially when many are joining remotely.

With today’s work-from-home policies and preferences, more team members are based remotely or joining from abroad. So many more meetings are happening overall to keep them connected, so being able to go back and reference notes from these calls or video chats via transcripts can be incredibly helpful.

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Webex transcripts can also improve your brand SEO

It’s also exciting to note that if you’re hosting events or webinars on Webex, securing transcripts of the recordings and placing them with the video on your website can help to improve your SEO. For example, companies hosting webinars on Webex with thought leaders can take the recording to post it on their sites for on-demand viewing and to get extra eyeballs. However, Google won’t be able to ‘crawl’ your videos alone.

Adding transcripts of the dialogue said throughout the video underneath the video itself will allow Google to pick up on it, key terms which were referenced and include you in its search rankings of those topics. Transcripts can therefore be invaluable tools for marketers and company leaders who are using Webex to capture and share important content externally.

Here are some more insights on how to not only leverage, but actually produce or obtain Webex meeting transcription.

How to transcribe Webex recordings

If you’re hosting meetings and recording them, it’s easy to produce transcripts of them. There are many Webex transcript options available to you, but it’s important to choose one that is accurate to ensure everything that happened during your meetings is captured and transcribed properly.

There are many built-in transcription tools or automatic transcription solutions available to you, but inaccurate transcripts defeat the purpose.

Many Webex users are partnering with Verbit for that reason exactly, since Verbit’s transcription solution integrates into Webex directly. It not only makes the process easier, but Verbit can offer up to 99% targeted accuracy for transcripts on recorded Webex content. Transcripts which contain inaccuracies can make your business look unprofessional, even if it’s only being shared internally, so accuracy is really key.

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To transcribe Webex recordings, you can set up an integration to make the download and upload process disappear. However, you can also simply download the recording from the cloud (just audio or video and audio) and upload it or share it with the provider you’re using.

For example, with Verbit, you can simply send the meeting recording file to Verbit or upload it onto the platform and have it transcribed back within 4 hours for rushes or within one day. Verbit can help to mark off speaker identification so you know who said what and add timestamps so you can skip to parts of the transcript. If you know something occurred around the 30 minute mark that you want to reference, these timestamps prevent you from needing to scroll through an entire long transcript and go right to the part you want to save you time.

When the transcript is ready, you’ll receive an email notification and can download it right away in many different formats based on your preferences. Having the ability to generate transcripts the same day or next day which are easy to follow with key markings and which are attached to the video itself, can be invaluable to team members. It can also be a helpful resource to share with colleagues who missed the call or with subjects you interviewed to ensure you can use their quotes.

How do I get my transcription from Webex recording?

So, how is it possible to transcribe Webex recordings or obtain transcripts from sessions to use? If you created transcripts for your MP4 recordings within Webex, you can also easily download them in order to share them with your team members, clients or others.

It’s important to note that this feature of Webex recording transcription is only available for video-centric MP4 recordings, so if you’re using Webex in a different format or want Webex audio transcription, you may want to work with a vendor or partner who can better help you to obtain or generate the transcripts.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Sign into your Webex account
  • Go to Recordings
  • Click the Download button for the specific recording
  • Check Download transcript (.vtt)
  • Click the Download button
  • The transcript will immediately download in .vtt format so that you can open it with different text editors.

How do I transcribe a meeting in Webex?

While generating a Webex transcript for a recording might seem like the only option, many aren’t familiar with the fact that they can transcribe meetings as they’re happening. Many professionals may want to reference what’s being said in a Webex visually while they’re still on the call.

Having live transcripts and a record of what was said even 10 minutes before available to you to scroll up to reference live while on a call, can be incredibly helpful. You can hold people to what they said or stated, go back and reference numbers or metrics which were shared and much more – all while live.

With a Webex transcription software partner like Verbit, transcribing live within Webex is simple. Users can choose from an Artificial Intelligence based speech to text method, have a professional human transcriber assigned or use a hybrid method of both to generate transcripts quickly and accurately.

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How do I enable real time transcription in Webex?

To enable Webex real time transcription, you can simply book the session (even last minute) on Verbit’s platform. A professional transcriber or our in-house technology can connect directly to the session so that transcripts can be generated in real time as the meeting or event takes place.

These transcripts will appear directly within Webex without a need for a clunky experience with an additional browser needing to be opened. Plus, after the session takes place, you can immediately download a rough draft of the transcript, or have Verbit’s team of transcribers work on it and edit it further to provide a fully accurate transcript with the speaker identification and other items marked within hours.

If you have an employee with a learning disability or an event attendee who is Deaf or navigating hearing loss, transcripts can be invaluable to them. Transcripts will allow them to follow along in real-time with equity rather than not be able to fully grasp what was said and miss out on important action items. Depending on your company size and the situation, you may also be obligated to provide transcripts by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in the US, Equality Act of 2010 in the UK or others.

However, everyone on your calls is likely to benefit from being able to access Webex live transcription tools to better follow along with events or conversations as they occur. Transcripts really do serve as a competitive asset to every business leader to help them work productively post Webex calls.

While there are many Webex transcription services available for you to use, picking one that is both accurate and secure is key. You don’t want to invest in having transcripts created only to find out later that you misquoted someone, things like names were spelled incorrectly in content you shared with the company or clients, or worse. You also don’t want to risk having your private conversations happening within Webex leaked. Making sure that the provider you’re using has not only compliance covered, but is offering you a secure format for transcript capture is key.

Verbit and its team have designed a Webex integration and process built for the platform itself, to ensure all transcripts generated are delivered as accurately as possible and that your company discussions are kept secure. In addition to Cisco Webex transcription, we also produce captions for Webex meetings and webinars in real-time and on recorded content too.

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Your teams and audiences will be grateful to have access to Webex meeting transcripts, and you’ll also see the benefits once you make them available.

If you’re Googling ‘Webex transcribe’ tools and getting overwhelmed on how to do it or who to use, let us serve as a resource to you. We’re happy to share not only how Verbit can achieve both accuracy and security to produce transcripts, captions, audio description and translation, but other helpful insights for the needs of your global and remote workforce. Feel free to reach out to us here.