Verbit launches revolutionary real-time transcription service for legal proceedings 

By: Verbit Editorial

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Legal Real-Time combines advanced AI and an intuitive, easy-to-use platform to streamline digital court reporters’ work 

Verbit, a leading provider of AI verbal intelligence, is pleased to introduce live transcription as an extension to its growing suite of legal-focused solutions. The new live offering – Legal Real-Time – provides accurate, reliable and scalable real-time transcription for legal proceedings at a fraction of the cost of traditional stenography. 

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and Verbit’s proprietary AI-powered Captivate™ transcription platform, Legal Real-Time provides live transcription for depositions, hearings, arbitrations, examinations, trials and other legal proceedings to help digital court reporters better meet their clients’ needs. 

“We recognize that there is a shortage of human court reporters and that court reporting agencies are looking to leverage captioning technologies to meet these gaps,” said Verbit CEO Yair Amsterdam. “Legal Real-Time is designed to support all court reporting agencies’ live transcription needs. As a leader in AI technologies, Verbit can transcribe legal proceedings live with high accuracy, deliver immediate rough drafts and provide expedited final transcripts – enabling agencies to substantially increase their capacity to provide consistently excellent results to their law firm clients.” 

Legal Real-Time is accessible via a secure, intuitive web-based platform designed specifically for the court reporting community. After a straightforward onboarding process, digital court reporters can simply connect their audio feed to Verbit’s platform to access live transcripts with annotations, glossaries and editing features. Attorneys can access the transcript in a separate view as the session progresses, enabling them to skim through the transcript, search for terms or play the audio back.  

Other key features include:  

  • A dynamic and customizable glossary for unique matter- or case-specific terms 
  • Advanced speaker separation and identification 
  • The ability to edit speakers’ names and titles 
  • Transcript annotation tools, including for question and exhibit marking 
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts 
  • Seamless instant downloading of transcripts 

New features and updates will be available automatically via the web-based user interface, without the need for additional hardware. 

The introduction of Legal Real-Time bolsters Verbit’s category-leading suite of solutions, tailor-made for the legal industry. Verbit’s legal transcription solutions – final transcripts, 24-rough drafts, legal ASR and digital evidence – are designed by legal experts who understand the reliability, accuracy and customization that court reporters, lawyers and other legal professionals require.  

“The addition of our Legal Real-Time transcription service means that customers can have all of their needs met in one place,” said Jim Holmes, Verbit Chief Revenue Officer. “Verbit offers both real-time and post-production transcription tools, providing complete workflow solutions for court reporters and court reporting agencies.” 

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