Verbit Earns Spot on CNBC’s Top Startups for the Enterprise List 

By: Sarah Roberts

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Our team is excited to share that Verbit has been named to the inaugural CNBC’s Top Startups for the Enterprise List. With more than 300 million startups being founded each year, Verbit’s team is honored to be recognized by CNBC and its Technology Executive Council (TEC).  

Verbit’s technology and innovative solutions, as well as its rapid growth, gained the attention of the council. TEC is an organization comprised of top tech executives who are disrupting their industries and working to identify technological solutions that solve problems and foster growth.  

Recognizing Verbit’s Benefits for Business 

“Verbit offers equitable access and more inclusive work environments. In turn, this means better bottom lines, inclusion and increased retention,” said Lee Bryn, Verbit’s Corporate Marketing Lead.  

The council recognized these benefits and how Verbit’s solutions, including its leading captioning, transcription and audio description, are helping companies provide greater accessibility to their employees and consumers. Verbit’s growth through acquisitions and its commitment to meeting the needs of additional use cases led to its naming to the list.  

CNBC is recognizing Verbit for what it offers enterprises, which includes: 

Solutions to make events more accessible 

Today’s events often have in-person and virtual components. Participants in those events need to be able to access live captioning and transcription. Not only are these solutions necessary for adherence to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other laws, but they also help participants better engage with the information. The transcripts that Verbit produces also serve as a useful record of these events that the business can use after the fact. For instance, content creators can reference the transcript to pull quotes or clips that they can use to promote the business. The searchable transcripts also link to relevant parts of the video recording, making it easy to jump around and find information.  

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Allowing for more inclusive & engaging meeting participation 

Working with Verbit to make meetings accessible is important for many of today’s businesses. Providing accessibility solutions like captions is one of the most common and necessary ways to allow everyone to participate in meetings. Additionally, virtual work environments are now commonplace. With this shift to remote work arrangements, it’s become normal to have teams from across the world. International teams often require that people participate in languages they might not be fluent in. Captions are helpful for people communicating in a non-native language. Companies that use Verbit to caption these meetings are helping their employees participate to the fullest extent possible.  

Helping marketers reach broad audiences with accessible content 

Verbit is helping businesses make their marketing content accessible to everyone. Researchers indicate that video marketing is great for business, but studies show that people are far more likely to watch content until the end if it has captions. Not to mention, there are many viewers who can’t understand a message without this useful feature. Verbit also provides audio descriptions that allow people who are blind or have low vision to understand the visual context in videos. With Verbit, companies can extend their marketing message to more people while showcasing a commitment to inclusivity.  

Improving training videos and internal content for employees 

Employees may need captions to help them understand video content, including training videos. Verbit helps businesses ensure that they’re able to create training content that everyone can understand and use. Not only is this critical for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing, but it’s helpful for non-native language speakers, individuals who are ADHD and others with neurodiversity. Taking time to ensure that every step of the employee journey is accessible is vital and opens the door to a wider pool of talent.  

Exploring Verbit’s Rapid Market Growth 

The CNBC council was motivated to name Verbit to the list due to its ongoing work in helping today’s enterprises, but also by the rapid growth, it’s experienced since its founding in 2017. Verbit has emerged as the key player in the $30 billion transcription market.  
To date, Verbit has made six acquisitions, including VITAC, a leading media captioning company known for making daily news, sports, The Olympics and the Academy Awards, among other iconic events, accessible to viewers globally.  

Verbit’s additional acquisitions included Automatic Sync Technologies (AST), Take Note and Take 1, which expanded Verbit’s expertise in specific sectors, such as education and market research, while promoting more opportunities to embed inclusivity into the company’s plans worldwide. 

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How This Milestone Inspires Verbit’s Ongoing Mission 

By naming Verbit to CNBC’s Top Startups for the Enterprise List, TEC is highlighting the importance of inclusivity-minded businesses.

“Companies can benefit from making their online meetings, events and content accessible and inclusive with our unique market-leading AI Technologies that support humans in delivering high-quality and accurate captions in real-time and offline,” said Raffi Margaliot, Verbit’s Chief Product & Technology Officer. 

Verbit has been working to inspire companies today to do everything they can to promote accessibility and inclusivity for everyone. It’s remarkable to see CNBC spotlighting the necessity of this commitment as well. In order to be successful, today’s businesses need to showcase their commitments to accessibility to garner loyal followings that help them stay competitive in their markets. 

From captioning to audio description, Verbit has the leading solutions necessary to serve as a key partner that can help today’s enterprises succeed in this realm. By providing businesses with technology that makes their video, audio and events more accessible, Verbit is making it easier than ever to be an inclusive company. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with Verbit and using its solutions that support today’s enterprise needs.