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Automatic Sync Technologies

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Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) is pleased to announce that we will now be doing business as Verbit. Verbit acquired Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) some time ago, and now both companies will function as one unified brand. The services and support provided to current customers will not change. You’ll simply begin seeing Verbit’s branding and logo more frequently.

As one collective brand, Verbit will be well positioned to push worldwide accessibility and inclusivity efforts forward through innovative solutions, including live transcription, captioning, audio description and more. We’re excited to offer you additional resources, technical expertise and a greater opportunity to scale your efforts.

If you have questions about this rebrand, please reach out. We’re happy to connect with you, and look forward to continuing to serve you with a one-stop-shop of accessibility and engagement solutions to help you maximize your events, meetings, content, courses and more.