29 Sep 2020 Danielle Chazen
2min read

Tomorrow’s Webinar: Breaking Down Digital Court Reporting

Today’s court reporters are charged with multiple responsibilities. These include administering the oath and acting as neutral third party and managing the proceedings to get a clear record with ethics and professionalism to preserve the security of the record. They must also capture the record and preserve the chain of custody and deliver the record to the legal agency or court system they’re working for to provide them with a transcription.

So what does today’s legal client care about? Simply put, they want a high-quality, accurate and timely transcript. Digital tools have come more and more into play with the need to social distance and updates in court rulings and procedures and are showing legal professionals how they can help them scale their businesses and perform more work during these trickier times.

Tomorrow, September 30th at 11am EST, we’ll explore how technology used at depositions and legal proceedings can easily help with court reporting needs and produce a quality transcript. Our webinar, Getting Practical & Tactical: Digitizing Court Reporting with New Processes will delve into this subject with Benjamin Jaffe of BlueLedge, Lisa Dees of Justice AV Solutions (JAVS) and Tony Sirna of Verbit. Attendees will also have the opportunity to receive CEU credit for their participation.
woman working on her laptop with her back against big glass window

The trio will explore how to conduct proceedings to allow for the best possible transcript to be generated. From backup recorders to software to audio monitoring and choosing the correct microphones, attendees will leave this session armed with knowledge to activate on depositions and proceedings digitally and remotely.

The event will also explore the process of digital transcription after the deposition, including how new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Speech Recognition tools can be used in the process and deep dive into how these tools actually work.

The speakers will also delve into what’s important and necessary for legal speech recognition to be successful compared to other speech recognition available to create ease in our daily lives and with manual tasks.

The event is open to all who may benefit. RSVP here to secure your spot and ask your questions to these three notable speakers live.