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Breaking Down the Barriers

Universities usually provide accommodations for students with disabilities through a designated disability services office. The flaw in this model is that it tries to fit individuals with disabilities into a system that may not be well-designed for them, often to unsuccessful results.

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To improve, accessibility must be integrated into every aspect of the university experience. The eBook will explore four areas that are critical to breaking down barriers, both physical and digital, to enable a truly accessible campus environment where all students have an equal opportunity to succeed.

The following topics are discussed in the eBook, Breaking Down the Barriers:

  1. Accessible Academics
  2. Digital Accessibility 
  3. Physical Access
  4. Change at all Levels


The current, prevalent model in higher education views disability primarily as a disservice or inconvenience. Many students fear being labeled or judged, therefore avoid seeking help. When leadership, faculty, and students alike, come together to build an inclusive environment the result is much more powerful than mere statements.