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The 7 AI Trends that are Redefining the Legal Industry

AI technology is on the rise and it’s disrupting the status quo in almost every domain. While law is a traditionally conservative sector, many legal organizations are recognizing the benefits and adapting by incorporating the latest technologies into their workflows.

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The true value of AI tech comes in automating manual tasks, increasing both efficiency and productivity by leaving the monotonous work to the machines. This is especially true when it comes to document review, a crucial component of the overall legal process.


The following topics are discussed in the eBook, 7 AI Trends that are Redefining the Legal Industry:

  1. Document and Contract Review
  2. eDiscovery 
  3. Legal Transcription 
  4. Due Diligence and Research 
  5. Legal Analytics
  6. Cyber Security 


Forward-thinking legal practitioners have the opportunity to join the AI revolution and leverage today’s power technology to save time and money, and increase productivity and profitability. Rather than fearing replacement through the adoption of AI, lawyers and court reporting firms must embrace the opportunity to work with technology to optimize operations and enhance legal services. Download the eBook to learn more!