5 Aug 2020 Danielle Chazen
2min read

Keynote Speaker Karen Yoshino Joins EduALL: Back To School Event

Verbit has named its keynote speaker for next week’s EduALL: Back To School Edition virtual event as Karen Yoshino, PhD. Yoshino has decades of experience in higher education, regional accreditation, standardized testing and leadership, currently serving as a higher education consultant for Van Allen Strategies.

Yoshino’s consulting practice includes competency-based education program design, outcomes assessment planning and design, online program strategy, and analytics for program improvement.  Her work in competency-based education includes public and private higher education, corporate and government clients.

Yoshino will deliver the closing keynote at EduALL during the session titled Rethinking Higher Education. It will explore the opportunities presented to higher education due to COVID-19 disruption and beyond it, offering ways to reshape curriculum design and delivery long-term.

Yoshino will explore what the future of higher education will look like past the fall semester. She’ll address how the global health crisis is causing students, teachers and the general public to rethink the way they approach higher-ed processes and offerings long term. Yoshino will also delve into how technologies can be embedded more into the learning process.

Viewers can pre-read Yoshino’s latest takes on Re-shaping Higher Education in a Post COVID-19 World and Higher Education’s Opportunity in COVID-19 Disruption – Reshaping Curriculum Design and Delivery to prepare for her session. 

Yoshino’s work as an educational consultant began in 2006 with Blackboard, Inc. as a subject matter expert in assessing student learning outcomes. She has worked with key clients in the US and around the world including Hong Kong, Australia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Mexico.

Yoshino has a PhD in Education from Claremont Graduate University and was the past chair of the Enrollment Committee and the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, PA. She also served for two years as Executive Director, SAT at the College Board in New York.

You can view the full lineup of speakers, including leaders at Tufts University, SUNY, George Mason University, University of Florida, Michigan State University, and RSVP to join the event here