Join Bizzabo & Kaltura: Live Webinar on ‘Hybrid’ Business Events

By: Verbit Editorial
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With more of the population vaccinated, many companies are now hosting hybrid-style events. However, many others have no idea what a hybrid event means or entails or how to execute one effectively for attendees. A hybrid event refers to any conference, seminar, or workshop with both a “live” in-person event component and a “virtual” online component.

Hybrid events appear to have a promising future. Research demonstrates that 62% of event planners believe that the future of events is hybrid. Due to the growing popularity of hybrid events, a recent study reveals that 34% of event organizers expect to invest more in these types of events in the next few years.

As more professionals consider hybrid-style events, it’s important to understand how they can work to meet their KPIs and engage event participants effectively. On July 20th, Verbit will host a live webinar to address these ‘new’ best practices and these discuss the future of business-focused events.

Join Verbit live to hear directly from Chad Blaise, VP of Growth, Bizzabo and Charlotte Copeman, Director, Tech, Kaltura who are event and video experts. They’re helping business leaders craft hybrid event strategies that both engage attendees and align with business goals. They’ll also explore how to execute one of the most important pieces of an event – networking – hybrid-style.

Blaise has more than two decades of Sales and Marketing Experience and has held leadership roles spanning private and public sectors, as well as working with both enterprise and SMB segments. For the past 6 years at Bizzabo, Blaise has been empowering professionals with the application of leading event technology and helping them design events effectively. He also has 16 years of experience working with tech-focused businesses at Microsoft.
Display picture of Chad Blaise, VP of Growth, Bizzabo and Charlottle Copeman, Director of Tech-Kaltura.

Blaise will be joined by Copeman, who has been working in the video space watching technologies “disrupt the way we live, work and learn” in her words for 15 years, Charlotte has Copeman works with Kaltura’s clients to drive success for businesses, enterprise communications and virtual events through smart video experiences.

Join your peers and secure a spot today at this live webinar here. We’ll explore how to combat Zoom fatigue, how to craft inclusive experiences for attendees and technologies that easily integrate with video platforms like Kaltura and Bizzabo that can be utilized.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about hybrid events and how to harness the power of combined in-person and virtual experiences.