Video Research Platforms for Market Researchers 2021 

By: Verbit Editorial



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What are the leading Video Research Platforms in 2021?  Video has been a critical tool for qualitative research for many years. Recording focus groups or interviews is common and the practice is continuing to grow. The advancements in technology and the ability to capture video content anywhere, at any time, spurred the uptake of feedback via video. Mobile video ethnography also helped spark the expansion into quantitative research with video capture. 

Also, the pandemic hit the pause button on face-to-face research further accelerating the adoption and growth of video research. After all, the need for insights didn’t diminish, in fact, it was arguably stronger than ever during this period. 

Video is an extremely rich medium. It helps that people typically say more than they would type. It also has the unique ability to convey emotions and provide additional context based on what people are doing, where they are and their environment. Given these benefits, it’s easy to see why video is so appealing to Market Researchers. 

Additionally, video is a captivating medium for sharing stories and can help stakeholders to understand, engage and empathize with their customers. This makes video a far cry from the death by PowerPoint days. However, video based content does pose some unique practical challenges. Drawbacks include: 

  • Large file sizes can make it difficult to collect, manage and store feedback.  
  • Video is arduous and time-consuming to search and analyze. 
  • The content needs curating and editing into a story before sharing. 

Technology can help alleviate some of these issues. Not only can video capture content but it also provides a way to analyze that content quickly and easily. Luckily, there are some video research platforms with designs that lend themselves specifically to that purpose. 

Here are the best video research platforms for Market Researchers in 2021. 

Big Sofa Logo

Big Sofa Technologies 

‘We don’t always do what we say, and we certainly don’t always know what we do!’ 

Big Sofa Technologies specializes in harnessing the power of video to capture authentic real-life behavior, in the places it happens naturally. Their video research platforms enable you to explore the unique combination of human stories and hard data to better understand people, behaviors and opportunities. 

Services include: 

Visual Insight System – benefit from the Big Sofa’s technology video platform to interpret and analyze your content through a combination of AI, machine learning and human understanding. This means your content becomes searchable and for trend analysis and patterns. Available both for Big Sofa captured content or uploading pre-existing material. 

Lifestream – provides you with a real-time window into real-life behaviors and removes the bias that can come from researchers and facilities. Allowing you to see the live video via live stream into people’s real homes on a global scale. 

Lifeshare – uses the power of mobile to capture real-life situations and experiences, where they happen, as they happen. Including in the home, in stores at the shelves, and in cars. 

Features & Functionality Highlights 

  • Community tools such as commenting and sharing for easy collaboration 
  • Strong security credentials – ISO 27001 certification, obfuscation services for anonymity, GDPR compliant 
  • DIY, supported projects or consultant managed 

Further details available at 

Focus Vision

FocusVision – A Forsta brand  

FocusVision Video Insights prides itself on being a complete video management solution providing you with the ability to collect, analyze, report, as well as store research videos. A range of services is available to cover both qualitative and quantitative projects. The interface also allows you to easily navigate your content including your archived videos and clips and showreels. 


FocusVision Decipher – integrate video open-end questions into your online surveys. Providing an easy way for customers to feedback in their own words. 

FocusVision InterVu – created specifically for video interviews and focus groups, with research-led features such as a virtual backroom, break-out rooms, polls, screen share and mark-up options. Easy to use for both researchers and participants. 

FocusVision Revelation – a one-stop online qualitative research solution with tools and features to build a community of customers and allow them to share their lives in a mobile diary style 

Features & Functionality Highlights 

  • Support available with a professional research services programming team, project management 
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Secure share links 

Discover further information on their video research platform at 

Medallia LivingLens 

LivingLens focuses on unlocking the power of video insights with a wide range of content recognition and video analytics tools, allowing you to get to the rich feedback that video provides, faster. 

They offer a range of API integrations and capture tools to help you make the most of both existing and newly collected video feedback.  

AI and machine learning tools analyze content in a flash and allow you to dig deep into speech, sentiment, emotions, themes, objects and activity. These provide valuable context to the feedback. The platform also offers the ability to create showreels and data reports. With this tool, you can bring the all-important human element to feedback and showcase the voice of the customer. 

Features & Functionality Highlights 

  • Import Zoom Cloud recordings 
  • HIPAA compliant 
  • Suitable for a wide range of research types including CX, surveys, video ethnography and focus groups 

For more information visit their website at 

Voxpopme logo


VoxPopMe help companies become more connected to their customers through video surveys. They specialize in video feedback on a quantitative scale. 

The service allows you to capture video content from consumers no matter where they are in the world. You can gain feedback via your own audience or through Voxpopme’s On Demand Community. 

The platform automatically analyzes qualitative feedback on a large scale. You can uncover the key insights quickly and easily and use the platform to share consumer video stories within your organization. The platform lets you deliver better, more engaging stories. 

Features & Functionality Highlights 

  • On-Demand online community for a video ready sample 
  • Free 14-day trial available 
  • Integration with your CX program 

Find out more at 

Watch Me Think 

Watch Me Think offers a managed qualitative video solution enabling clients to understand behavior through mobile ethnography. Participants capture the video using portable and wearable devices allowing observation of a wide range of activities, both in and out of the home. Self-filming means that moderators aren’t present and therefore don’t intrude on the natural behavior. 

Watch Me Think works globally, boasting projects conducted in over 64 countries so far. 

Key Methodologies: 

Watch & Ask – Participants answer your questions as they film themselves carrying out specific tasks, providing narration and explanation of their actions as they go. 

Watch – This service is simply about observing, with the approach aiming to emulate natural behavior as much as possible. Participants perform the task as they normally would except that it’s captured on video. 

Watch then ask – This is a 2-step approach whereby participants carry out a task as usual which is captured on video. They are then asked to record themselves as they watch the footage back and provide commentary explaining what they are doing and why. 

Features & Functionality Highlights 

  • Fully managed solution including participant recruitment, quality control and insight reports 
  • Packaged solutions for qualitative behavioral research, integrating customer closeness programs and bringing insights to life with video 
  • IOS & Android apps available for easy participation by consumers 

Learn more about Watch me Think at 


That concludes our round-up of the best video research platforms available in 2021. Hopefully, this has helped you to learn more about the options available and which one might be right for you. 

Whether you’re using a video research platform or a more manual approach, transcripts are key to working effectively with video, both at the analysis stage and when sharing clips and showreels. The ability to search content, identify themes and analyze sentiment in speech is reliant on a transcript of that content. The accuracy of the transcription directly impacts the quality of the subsequent analysis. Poor accuracy leads to poor analysis. 

We provide high-quality, accurate transcripts with guaranteed delivery times that are perfect for your next Market Research project. Reach out to Verbit today to learn how our tools can support your research endeavors.