Verbit’s Captioning to Power Kaltura’s “Virtually Live” Event

By: Sarah Roberts



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Renowned video cloud provider, Kaltura, has selected Verbit as the trusted partner to provide captioning services for 20+ live sessions at its “Virtually Live” event on November 9th. Together with Kaltura, Verbit will ensure top-notch accessibility and engagement are offered to the conference’s thousands of attendees.

In addition to providing live captioning for all of the sessions, Verbit will host a virtual booth for attendees to visit and learn more about the accessibility solutions available to them.

About the Virtually Live Event

Kaltura’s event is centered on the theme “We Need to Talk About the Funnel, in Any Event” and features speakers from companies including Microsoft, Intel, HubSpot and more. Presentations will focus on significant changes to the marketing landscape that virtual events are generating. While unprecedented circumstances sparked the heavy reliance on remote formats, savvy marketing professionals are finding innovative ways to connect through these platforms.

There will be five tracks to choose from, including:

-Brand & Beyond
-Convene & Convert
-Small Data, Big Impact
-MarTech Meets Event Stack

There will also be live demos and interactive workshops so that participants can test-run technology that will take their event-planning skills to the next level. Attendees can also connect with the Verbit team in its virtual booth to learn more about its unique captioning solutions and additional accessibility tools to improve their events.a man using a laptop on the table with notebook, pen, phone, and a tangerine

Kaltura’s Investment in Event Accessibility

Today’s leading tech companies know that inclusivity online matters more than ever. Verbit’s leaders are humbled that Kaltura will enlist Verbit’s captioning to ensure its event meets current accessibility standards.

Event organizers should be inspired by Kaltura’s accessibility commitment, but also be aware of accessibility laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which arguably make captioning and other accommodations a legal obligation. However, the push for greater inclusivity transcends any legal mandates. Studies are showing that inclusivity is a priority for employees and consumers. Companies that extend event access to wider audiences perform better and develop favorable brand recognition.

Engagement, Retention and Making a Better Presentation

Researchers in more than 100 separate studies found that adding captions to video content helps all viewers stay focused and retain information. When it comes to online events, hosts like Kaltura know that Verbit’s captioning services will allow them to spread their message and improve their communication.

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Join Kaltura and Verbit at Virtually Live

Register today to join Kaltura, Verbit and thousands of marketing and business professionals on November 9 for sessions kicking off at 9 a.m. EST. Verbit is excited to meet attendees at its virtual booth. Those who stop by will have an opportunity to discuss online accessibility, captioning solutions and ways to make virtual events inclusive and accessible to all.

Verbit offers captioning, transcription, audio description and translation services that support diversity and inclusion in corporate spaces. For information about how our captioning improves access to marketing videos, live events, web content and more contact Verbit.