Exploring Verbit’s Professional Transcribers

By: Danielle Chazen



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What sets Verbit apart and allows it to support the accessibility needs of today’s businesses, universities, institutions and agencies? It’s not only its advanced in-house technology; it’s the human element.

Verbit has assembled a robust team of professional transcribers who undergo thorough testing and training processes. In 2021, only 6% of transcription applicants were accepted, as Verbit ensures only the top qualifiers are offered positions and assigned the important roles of fact checking and editing the work of its technology. With Verbit often being tasked with producing captions and transcripts for live and real-time events, such as courses and virtual conferences, providing the high-level of accuracy which comes with professional transcriber editing is key to the process.

“Verbit has extremely high expectations of transcribers and editors in their effort to provide their customers with the most accurate product as is possible,” said one transcriber, Linda, who has been working for the company since February 2020.

Why? These tools are not only “nice to have” to offer more flexible experiences for viewers to consume content, but they’re needed by many with disabilities to participate with equity.

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Human Intelligence is Needed for Accessibility

With that reality in mind, meeting the benchmarks and guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Equality Act 2010, Section 508, Section 504 and additional legislation aimed at protecting and serving the needs of individuals with disabilities is key to many. High accuracy is needed when taking measures such as captioning content or providing transcripts of events and proceedings to deliver on equity, but just a few small errors can send that number well below target.

While automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies exist and some are built into today’s streaming and web conferencing platforms, few reach high levels on their own. The result can be inaccessible and poor viewing experiences for individuals with disabilities. Plus, there are those who are viewing silently or in non-native languages where misspellings and errors can hinder the experience and make videos and events appear unprofessional.

While Verbit’s AI-based technology performs well, to reach its targeted 99% accuracy levels for equity and deliver professional experiences to event and video audiences, layers of human fact checking are needed.

Luckily, in today’s increasingly digital and remote world of work, the flexibility offered to Verbit transcribers makes it a well sought out position and a competitive one. The result is that customers can rest assured that their work is being managed by highly professional individuals who are held – and hold themselves – to high standards of delivery. Plus, they greatly enjoy the work they’re producing and the impact their work has in making content and experiences more inclusive.

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The Perspectives of Verbit Professional Transcribers

Verbit continues to engage its transcriber community around the importance of its work and their contributions.

“This job gives me a sense of accomplishment,” Tasha, one notable transcriber within the community, said. “I am proud of what I do, and I look forward to doing it.”

“Verbit has proved that they are masters of their business with not only the type of work they provide, but the ethics, the training, the communication provided when I need assistance and just the feeling of family,” said Katie Schrader of Cordele, Georgia. “The platform makes finding work easy, and the tools provided are above and beyond the standards needed for this type of work.”  

“Working at Verbit has turned out to be all that I’d hoped for and then some,” said Annabelle Hahn of Illinois. “They have a dedicated team that is in every sense of the word passionate about their work, which radiates through the entire Verbit community. There is no shortage of support as well as they have a patient and understanding administrative team to hold your hand as you learn the ropes. They are available round the clock, even on weekends, for any assistance you may need, which truly speaks volumes about their dedication and passion.”

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Flexibility and Remote Work Attract Verbit’s Professional Transcribers

Verbit also offers roles and an environment based on flexibility and safety provided by its work from home jobs in a time when many individuals required agility.

“Verbit has given me the opportunity to be independent at a time I needed it the most in my life,” said Ilse Janse Van Rensburg of Eastern Cape, South Africa. “I am extremely grateful to team Verbit for giving me purpose in life. It’s a huge honor to be able to work for such a team while doing something that you really enjoy.”

“Verbit came along at a time when I needed it the most,” said another transcriber, Hukalireena, who has been working for Verbit since January 2020 out of North Carolina. “In between jobs and having gone back to school, I needed something that gave me flexible work hours from home. About two years later, I am now out of school and have found full-time employment, but I continue to remain with Verbit, not only because of the flexibility it allows me to earn an extra income, but also because of the growing supportive community feeling it fosters.”

“My experience working at Verbit has been rewarding in a few ways,” said Terri Williams, an American transcriber who has been working with Verbit since December 2019. “For one, this is the very first remote job I’ve had that actually pays me for my hard work. Secondly, it’s given me the opportunity to develop my proofreading skills and interact with a team that cares about delivering quality work.”

With this combination of leading technology and professional transcribers who are committed and invested in their work and delivering accurate, accessible content and event experiences, Verbit stands out from the pack. For more information on Verbit and our captioning, transcription, audio description and translation offerings, read more here.