Tomorrow’s Live Webinar: What Global Higher-Ed Leaders Are Saying About Accessibility

By: Danielle Chazen



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On March 16, over 250 US colleges and universities came to a grinding halt. Neither the colleges nor students were prepared for campus closures with both ends of the stick facing enormous challenges ahead. Now, the shift is evident, with nearly two-thirds of US colleges remaining either fully or primarily online. Educational institutions have built digital systems at unprecedented rates to support students but there’s still a lot more work to be done when it comes to making their content accessible to everyone, notably those with disabilities. 

The sudden mass transition to online materials will be the proving ground for remote learning and these digital tools will, no doubt, outlive the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps colleges will even begin expanding their remote student base globally; the future is an empty page of opportunity.

Verbit’s webinar, “The State of Accessibility: A Global Perspective” taking place tomorrow, December 10th at 4pm EST, will explore the perspective of three countries, the US, UK and Australia. Together, we will dive into how each of these higher ed leaders across the three regions are tackling content accessibility issues.  

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An interactive talk on the effects of the pandemic globally

Since April 2020, school closures have taken place across 188 countries and students of all ages, and in all locations have had their education interrupted. Today, more than 90% of countries have adopted digital and remote learning policies according to UNICEF, but the ways in which higher educational institutions have handled their move to online learning has differed globally. 

Tomorrow, Verbit is hosting a live webinar with higher education speakers from across the globe. Together, we’ll explore how they’re meeting the needs of all students including those with disabilities, and more importantly, how they’re keeping students engaged as they learn in hybrid and remote settings.

Webinar guest speakers include:

Learning Specialist, Amanda Jackson of The University of Florida (US), whose role involves ensuring all materials are made accessible to all students. 

AccessAbility Services Manager, Genevieve Smith of Swinburne University of Technology (Australia). Smith brings a pool of experience when it comes to innovative programs for supporting students with mental health difficulties.

Lead Marketing Officer, Mike Joslin of National Education Union (UK). The NEU represents the majority of education professionals in the United Kingdom. Joslin’s latest initiative within the union involves promoting accessibility and inclusivity initiatives across all activities. 

Accessibility Evangelist and Senior Customer Success Manager, Scott Ready of Verbit (US) With 35+ years of work experience in accessibility and Ready’s first language being American Sign Language, he’s dedicated his career to opening up opportunities for those who are hard of hearing and paving way for a more accessible future.

We’d like to encourage anyone in the higher education space to join us live as we explore the challenges and solutions that these professionals are using to meet the needs of all students and keep them engaged in remote settings. There will be time for Q&A at the end so you can ask any of your burning queries.

For those who can’t join us live, RSVP regardless so that you can gain access to the on-demand video of the event. 

>>>RSVP for the webinar here.