5 Business Benefits of Multilingual Transcription & Captioning

By: Verbit Editorial
Multilingual subtitles

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Video content is essential in today’s digital world. 52% of consumers want to see more video from the businesses they support, but connecting with individuals who speak different languages isn’t without its challenges.

Multilingual transcription services, also known as subtitling, can help businesses professionals translate their videos for audiences and employees who speak different languages. If your goal is to engage and grow audiences, multilingual transcription offers an effective way to reach global participants and drive communication with international employees.

Here are five factors business professionals should consider to decide if they need to provide multilingual captioning and transcription of their content.

1. They Increase Your International Reach

Business videos and events are being shared more globally. Brands are drawing and aiming to attract more diverse audiences and need to cater their events and messaging to meet more international needs. Adding multilingual captions to presentations, events and brand videos can help engage international audiences much more effectively. Consider the amount of foreign shows you can watch on Netflix thanks to captions or any time you’ve visited a foreign country and seen the same products being sold there. You’ll understand that not offering multilingual captions will mean missing out on additional audiences and consumers.

It’s also very important to consider that effective multilingual captions must retain the meaning and context of the original video or original speaker’s sentiment. Ensuring these translations are done correctly and by professionals rather than auto generated is key.

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2. They Drive Global Employee Communication

Aside from how you communicate with the public, look at your own team. More teams are operating globally and language barriers are often the norm. Captioning your Zoom calls with teammates and providing multilingual captions on videos you’re sharing can help ensure clear communication and bridge these gaps. Non-native speakers will be able to better comprehend and retain information being distributed by your C-suite. Plus, it provides all employees with a visual aid to help them better decipher different accents, dialects or terms used in other regions they may be unfamiliar with. 

Captions will also help your employees overall even if they’re produced in the same language as the speaker. Your global team members are often working remotely and need additional tools not just to comprehend what is being shared accurately, but to account for settings where watching with the sound is not an option.  Whether they’re working from a coffee shop or next to their children at home, offering captioning can help them participate without the sound, as well as maintain their focus more effectively so that they don’t miss what was shared during a meeting.

3. They Make Training More Engaging

Global businesses often have online training sessions for employees and want to offer the same training to employees globally. Providing employees with the option to read along with captions in their own language during their training can provide the flexibility they need and increase their level of focus and attention.

Additionally, placing these videos on-demand with the option to view them with multilingual captions and transcripts of the dialogue will be appreciated. 42% of employees would rather have flexible video options in addition to their live training meetings. These transcripts can also help to make your training videos searchable so that employees taking these sessions can go back and reference specific parts that were said by entering and searching by key words. Overall, captions are shown to increase watchtime, meaning that they’re effective at keeping employees engaged, especially important when conducting long training sessions.

4. They Ensure Greater Accessibility

Captioning and transcribing your business’s videos also ensures accessibility for individuals with disabilities, including those who are Deaf and hard of hearing. 

While captions promote inclusion and diversity initiatives, they’re also essential in scenarios where employees and consumers with disabilities need them in order to participate with equity as outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar legislation passed in countries you may be operating in. Multilingual captioning services which reach 99% accuracy levels allow for all of your employees and consumers globally to participate and comprehend your videos. Free, automatic built-in captioning tools often aren’t accessible since they are known to contain errors. Why not enlist an accessibility solution that avoids leaving your business vulnerable to lawsuits? Your employees and consumers will also appreciate your efforts to include them and their peers with equity. 

5. They Can Improve Your Site SEO

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Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to its audio. However, they can read text. Making your business’s videos more “visible” and readable to search engines will improve their SEO. Transcribing your video content and placing the transcripts on your site pages is one great way to improve your business’s SEO and discoverability.

When using multilingual transcription, video is able to rank for keywords in different languages and international markets. Video transcripts allow potential customers to find video quickly when they can search for keywords that appear in them. With 68% of site traffic coming from search engines, improving your business video’s SEO can bring in more visitors and lead to more business opportunities. Plus, taking that extra step to provide transcript translations means even greater discoverability internationally.

Multilingual Captioning Can Boost Your Business’s Success

With 78% of people watching online videos every week, it’s essential for business leaders to look for ways to enhance their videos and attract greater audiences. Incorporating captioning and transcription alone, plus in multiple languages, will help to tackle that feat and have a greater global footprint. 

Employees want to work for businesses which are inclusive and consumers want to buy from brands which represent them and their values. Verbit is helping businesses meet these needs by making the videos they’re sharing both internally and externally more engaging and accessible. To begin using multilingual captioning or explore how it fits into your current video and event strategies, reach out.